IGN Wiki - The Many Skins of Batman in Arkham City

IGN - Arkham City offers a number of different costumes for the Dark Knight. Check out videos for each and choose the best look for the Bat.

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trainsinrdr3570d ago

He has so many skins but the real question is...
Does he have foreskin!

majiebeast3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

Im so pissed that the people who support this game by buying the collectors edition dont even get all the skins,or the robin dlc. Infamous 2,killzone 3 and god of war 3 had all the preorder dlc in their special editions. Thats how its supposed to be also the statue very cheap looking compared to the other specials edition statues,figurines i own like the cloaked helghast,cole, halo rach spartan rock and Adam jensen. No case for your game just jammed into the artbook very dissapointed.

Warner bros is a bunch of greedy c*nts and i think rocksteady should break away from them.

BattleTorn3570d ago

I kinda like Batman: Earth One. Is it possible to redeem that DLC in North America. (given I get my hand on one from Ebay)

Tr10wn3570d ago

Ill re buy this game for PC for physix DX11 and all this costumes im sure there will be a way to download them.

BALLARD323570d ago

I'm sure most of them will be DLC eventually. Not to say they won't be overpriced.

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