Skyrim: New Gameplay Footage Incoming

NowGamer: New Elder Scrolls 5 video hits Friday morning UK time.

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Scizz3188d ago

3:16 EST. Still not up yet....

Bolts3188d ago

Don't care. BF 3 is coming.

GaMErFoLife883188d ago

@scizz its up now, an @Fanboi quit trollin ur a retard for doing that if, you dont like skyrim the DONT LOOK AT A SKYRIM UPDATE PAGE! duh

darren_poolies3188d ago

I think it's weird how close the game actually is to being released yet there hasn't been many gameplay video's and such.

Still really looking forward to it, but need to finish Deus Ex, Dark Souls and, after today, Arkham City arghhh too many games!!!

MasterCornholio3188d ago

I want to see footage from The PS3 version. Getting sick and tired from worrying about it. I hope they don't pull a RAGE with it


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