Dead Island PC patch released, console patches coming soon

Patch on PC is ready for download. Patch for the PS3 and Xbox 360 coming soon...

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gamernova3570d ago

This patch saved my save file's life!!! I knew not to lose hope! So happy :) New level cap 60 and new mods as well as v sync and other fixes.

Dropdeadll3568d ago

so what your saying is that the new patch fixed your corrupted save?

DanSolo3570d ago

I will most likely buy this when it's fully patched up on PS3 and takes a price drop!

It's my kind of game, but there are too many games coming out that I want to buy it when it still needs patching!

Looks like a lot of fun though so I will look forward to playing it sometime!

Spenok3570d ago

Good idea. The game is awesome........ when it works. I have it on PS3 but playing online is STILL broken. There have been 2 patches (i think) so far, and still the game lags, drops players, tons of framerate issues, and many other things. I works great SP... but I bought this to play with a friend and ky bro... so for now it just sits there till it gets properly fixed. Glad I bought it for 40 and not 60.

It's sad to see a game sell do well have so many bugs that have yet to be fixed so long after launch.

Shadowaste3570d ago

already $35 on pc, I think I'll keep waiting till it hit's $10 on steam this holiday!