GameManx - Dark Souls: 20 Hours In

Let me put this into context. At 20 hours, long after most games have either been completed, with time then being invested into multiplayer or just completely worn out their welcome, I have only just begun to scratch begun to scratch the surface of Dark Souls.

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jjb19813565d ago

This game is freakin' awesome...

Genghis3565d ago

it's a freakin pain in the ass

Genghis3565d ago

in the demon ruins now (the multiple capra demons are pissing me off), just found the giant blacksmith in anor londo and am bored of farming in the forest...where do i go now?

TheDivine3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

Anor Londo is so beautiful when you first arrive. Im still there trying to kill that bastard who killed my firekeeper. I might be underleveled for that though, i think il go get the doll so i can go to the painted world and then try to kill this prick. I love this game so much, its so vast and just gets bigger and better. It does have some cheap and annoying stuff but overall its prob the best game this gen imo. I liked the bosses in DS better though, it had more thoughtful bosses like the Maiden Astrea but DkS has more of them. These are games i dont want to finish because they are too fun, i want to keep exploring. Id be happy if they had a big expansion every 6 months and just made DkS a massive game as big as the biggest mmo's.