ND Listens To Fans, Fixes Uncharted 3′s Magic Shotgun Glitch

The Uncharted 3 TV spot which Naughty Dog released a few days ago was amazing, however it contained a funny little glitch which caught the eyes of fans worldwide and soon became a hot topic of discussion. Yes, we’re talking about the Shotgun which appeared to be glued to Nathan Drake’s back. Before we continue, here’s what we’re talking about.

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smurfz3564d ago

lol, nice. That was sort of really weird. Glad Naughty Dog fixed it. <3

psb3564d ago

good job Naughty Dog. Hope they continue to listen to their fans just like this and fixes any issues at UC3 might have via patches in future.

Oldman1003564d ago

What if Drake actually has magnets embedded into his spine? Way to discriminate guys. We probably hurt his feelings.

stevenhiggster3564d ago

That would be a strange aug.

myerslink3564d ago

I applaud ND for their attention to their fans. Day 1 buy for me.

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