Final Fantasy XIV Producers will keep promises even if players leave

Final Fantasy XIV Producer & Director Naoki Yoshida has vowed that his team will keep their recent promises outlined for Version 2.0 of the game even if the number of users on the game drops when they begin charging for subscriptions again in November.

Speaking to RPG Site in an interview about the plans for Version 2.0 and the future of the game, Yoshida was refreshingly candid about the potential loss of users when the game begins to charge for subscriptions again in late November.

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koehler833571d ago

Anyone who chooses to stay ought to be prepared for the worst. Populations are likely to drop drastically. Servers are likely to be merged. Linkshells (guilds) will crumble as many leaders choose not to continue and the remaining members are left with no means of reorganizing.

Ultimately this is all likely for the best. Even if only 10% of active players stay, it's still a major influx of funding for the project, which has, for a year, been hemorrhaging money.

They're going to do have to do something pretty extraordinary in another years time if they want to bring everyone back.

Fingers crossed.

ScubbaSteve3571d ago

I actually tried this game out for awhile over the last month and I can't see myself paying for it considering there is no endgame content. Once i reached the max level there was only 1 dungeon and that new Ifrit fight. It gets boring rather quickly and the only interesting thing is that new materia system which could occupy some time. That time however is occupied in grind parties you don't need to be in because you're already lvl50.

My biggest peeve about these FF MMOs is that they spend so much time making a story for these seasonal events and yet they make it so boring. I believe this Halloween one is collecting cookies for a useless hat.

More on topic, if you really want to play this game pick the most crowded server you can because I picked Wutai which was a medium server and it is empty. I spend more time in french speaking parties than I do with English speaking parties.

Myst3571d ago

Hey as long as they keep the promises and make it like the better version of FFXI I'll play. Even with a small population of people I'll probably continue to play.

negroguy3571d ago

Ive read about the changes and its alot of changes in the right direction. This 2.0 should have been here in the first place. I'll probably try it out.