Sony Nabs the Rights to Assassin’s Creed Movie

After a fairly intense bidding war with a few other major studios, it looks like Sony Pictures has come out on top with the rights to develop and distribute a film version of Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed franchise.

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vortis3571d ago

Please, Please, PLEASE DON'T SUCK!

Assassin's Creed deserves a good script and excellent production design. I hope this movie becomes a cult classic worth adding to my library and not a disgraceful stinker like that piece of feces known as Max Payne: The Movie.

evrfighter3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

think prince of persia with a white cloak and hidden daggers.

i wouldn't put much faith in this as history has shown

darthv723571d ago

time. Most games will last several hours of playthrough and adventure. The movies have limits they try to fit within such as run time. Most movies try to stay somewhere around 2 hours and some are less/more.

Trying to fit the escapades of a 4-6 hr romp into 2 hours can leave a bit desired. But it goes both ways. If you have a movie that you think would make a good game then it is a matter of filling in content to make it last longer than the 2 hour run time in theaters.

Movies based on games should be treated as serials. Let the story play out but do it properly over the course of a few films. The first sets the stage for what happens then have that climactic cliff hanger in the middle leading into the eventful finish for the 3rd.

$$$$ is also another reason movie/games suck. SEGA, stop f-ing up the comic book licenses with your quick grab games.

Myze3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )


What you are saying is very true and valid, but it works the same way with books>movies. The difference is that there have been about 500x (probably higher than that) more book>movie than game>movie transfers, so they have learned how to get it right every now and again (granted, still not very often).

The trick is finding a good writer for the script, which is something the producers of game transfers apparently haven't been too interested in doing. The director is obviously very important as well, but without a good script, any movie will suck, especially something adapting another source where certain parts need to be edited/removed (knowing the right parts to edit/remove).

Assassin's Creed is great source material for a movie if it can get a good script. Although, it may be better for movie purposes, if they leave out the returning to the past through a guys mind part and just make it about the Assassin as if it really is that time period. Not that it doesn't work for the games, but when I think about it in a movie, it just seems hokey.

PhantomT14123570d ago

They should do transmedia style like Lineage, Assassin's Creed II's prologue with Ezio's father, not an adaptation.

Noctis Aftermath3571d ago

I only played the first one(got bored, quit and never touched it again), but i think in the right hands it could be a good movie, also good to see a company heavily involved in video games is the one to make the movie.

KentBlake3571d ago

Even if you got bored with the first one, you owe it to yourself to at least try AC2.

Forbidden_Darkness3570d ago

Seriously, try AC2! You'll find the second game to be so much more in so many ways. Trust me. Play it. Now.

Megaton3571d ago

You're asking for the impossible. It will suck. You will rage. They will make a sequel.

Quagmire3571d ago

How can it suck when Ubisoft are making it?

Derp. If anything, this has the potential to be even more faithful then the Uncharted film.

Ddouble3571d ago

Never played the games but this should be good.

TopDudeMan3571d ago

Why is everything getting a movie?

BushLitter3570d ago

Because movies make money?

Bathyj3571d ago

Does that mean the game based on the movie (based on a game) will be a PS exclusive?

Tarantino_Life3571d ago

Lol! That will be awesome! First time a movie based game may actually be good! Assasins Creed game FTW!

newleaf3571d ago

Spider-man movies were Sony Pictures. Multiplatform. Ubisoft own rights to the games.

Bathyj3571d ago

Its just a joke dude.

A game based on a movie based on a game.

Anyone remember the Streetfighter:The Movie game?

Brownghost3571d ago

their going to make a cheesy piece of crap

Quagmire3571d ago

? Ubisoft are working very cloesely with this instead of giving the license to someone else.

How the hell could they ruin their own franchise?

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