Console Defense Forces

Just like sports teams, every video game system has its face-painting, arm-pumping fans -- "defense forces" stand up for their team no matter what the cost. We talk to three fanboys who tell us just how deep this loyalty runs.

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ReBurn4074d ago

Console defense forces are just a bunch of butthurt fanboys. Nobody really takes them all that seriously.

Spike474074d ago

oh Sony.

oh wait a sec, the sony defense force is run by

ohhhh, so the wii60 fanboys are the ones behind this and are trying to make sony fans look bad.

I always knew they were the most immature.

I love the wii by the way, but I just hate those wii60 fanboys.

razer4074d ago

at the SDF member list and you will be surprised how many of those ubernerds are on this site.. It may have been started by but the Sony nerdbase picked it up and ran with it.

I've never even seen an Xbox defense force, but I have seen NDF on

SuicidalTendencies4074d ago

I believe fanboy gamers are worse then sports fanatics. Let's just go back to enjoying games no matter what system they're on.

solar4074d ago

holy so glad nerds dont rule the world. f---ing keyboard tuff guys. i want to give all those super matter what platform they support the worst wedgie they have ever gotten

razer4074d ago

There are several people here I would love to meet in person and give them a beat down of their life.. Keyboard tough-guys is the best term I've heard in awhile for them.. Nice one!

solar4073d ago

oh id rather beat them to a pulp, but knowing hate crimes nowadays i could get in deep trouble :D

PimpHandHappy4074d ago

and if u try and touch my boxers i will hurt u


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The story is too old to be commented.