Why CyberConnect2 Wanted To Make A Naruto Beat ‘Em Up

Siliconera: CyberConnect2 has been making Naruto games for six years now and almost all of those are fighting games. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact, which just came out for PSP, is different since it’s a beat ‘em up where Naruto and company punch, kick, and chidori through dozens of enemies at once. I asked Hirsohi Matsuyama, CyberConnect2 CEO and Naruto super fan, why he tried a different genre with Ultimate Ninja Impact.

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GamingTale3575d ago

Well i played the demo, quite enjoyable. It feels a lot like Dynasty Warriors which i like a lot, slashing through hundreds without a sweat. Feeling like a badass Shinobi before the PSP cycle ends.

GraveLord3574d ago

I might download the demo for this. I'll have to find my PSP though lol.