SCEE: 40GB SKU Is The Future For All

The launch of Sony's PlayStation 3 latest SKU, the 40GB, was seen by many as a backward step followed by their announcement of a price drop; reason being ironically that backward step had completely no backward compatibility for PS2 games. In what will now puzzle the industry more, Sony confirm that this model will be the only one left worldwide with the 60GB and 80GB being discontinued.

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Meus Renaissance3987d ago

1. Why is it everytime Sony Europe speak it's always bad news?

2. I hope the Backward Compatibility statement is just PR talk, because if it isn't we have a saboteur working for their Research department. No one I personally know who has purchased a PS3 recently even considered the 40GB model because of this small fact. If they are serious, they should bundle it with two games or something because most would want the BC as they may not be able to afford many PS3 games during purchase.

3. I thought Sony intended to release a media service much like Live's movie Marketplace, why on Earth would they commit to only 40GB then? I'm confused by this but then again it's SCEE; what should we expect.

Jandre023987d ago

I dont understand it at all. Maybe next year they are more confident in software or something? But why take away the options? I dont get it but I dont care ive got a 40gb already. And whatever they are doing is working already, since the PS3 is finally outselling the 360, though very slimly. Its weird though, very weird.

ReBurn3987d ago

This isn't actually all that surprising. Sony said during E3 that they didn't see multiple SKU's in their future. I think that it makes good sense to consolidate and only have one offering. The 40gb hard drive isn't that much of a hindrance considering how inexpensive it is to upgrade it. The 80gb model was always considered to be limited edition.

The only thing I don't like is the backward compatability. Sony practically made that a hallmark of the PlayStation platform and to take it away just saddens me. I have a 60gb model, so it really isn't a problem for me. But I don't like what it means for the future of the PlayStation brand.

BlackIceJoe3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

I agree with you Meus Renaissance what is sony thinking. I do not see how the 40 gig can be the future. Also least time I heard the reason HD IPTV service MegaTV has not come out in the US or any where else other then Korea was because the 80 gig was not the only SKU. So does this mean that HD IPTV service MegaTV will not come out any more.

Plus I have a 60 gig and am already having to delete stuff so why would people want the 40 gig.

I may not use the PS2 part of my PS3 any more but that does not mean I do not like it. I like being able to know that if I want to play PS2 games I can. I just wish Sony would see this is a bad move. Also what forums have Sony read saying people do not care about PS2 playback in the PS3. Because every one I know and what I read online people want it. So I just want to what place they get there info from.

Gamespot-equals-EGM3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

I think Sony will still offer 2 SKU's (one with BC) for the bigger markets, namely for the US and Japan. And only the 40gb for the smaller markets (smaller European countries, etc).

This interview was with a South African newspaper right? That's definately a small market.

@Meus (below):

40gb = offered in all markets = worldwide
80gb = offered in select markets = not worldwide

Meus Renaissance3987d ago

He was asked if it was Worldwide, he said yes.

actionjackson3987d ago

I agree, I'm shocked. Alhtough it is almost unbelievable, if true, this would be a huge blow to the Playstation brand. I understand that Sony came to the game with multiple sku's to set up with MS, but to go backwards is really strange. If anything, why not leave the best system on the market and then, through production means, reduce the cost? Or keep the best sytem on the market, include software emulation and reduce ports? Something doesn't sound right. Sony has never downgraded their technology after the launch of any line of products. Sony's motto has been, better tech, higher price. That's true in almost every product they sell. Why now? Why the downgrade after a year?

hazeblaze3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

You guys did not read the article in its entirety. He clearly states that what the interviewer asked about the 80 gig is not true. He states that the 40 gig is the only one that will be universal WORLDWIDE. He says that the 60 GB is the only one being phased out... which we've known for months now. But the 80 GB is not being phased out.

You should change the body of this news as not to mislead ppl and start new internet rumors.


I agree and disagree with all of this...

I would not get a 40GB PS3 if I can get a 60GB or 80GB or anything with BC... More than that, I don't know many people that would...

I even predic that 40GB would flop and they would end with a 60/80GB version with software BC worldwide...

But still, since this move, Sony puts things just a bit more right than it was back in two or three months. The price was way better accepted, peoplo look to don't care that much on BC after all, the games (where they said that they would put the money) are indeed coming...

So we can say that I don't know that much people or I don't know nothing about gaming business... Maybe they just time it right and put 40GB on market in a moment with a better game library coming and near xmas... Maybe all of this.

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Spike473987d ago

they said before that they would discontinue the 60gb and the 80gb would be left.

then everybody went crazy about it,but now there is a 40gb.

actionjackson3987d ago

I agree. That's exactly what I understood. We went from 20gb/60gb to 40gb/80gb. But this article suggests differently. The interview states that 40gb is going to be the only model left in the industry "worldwide". Doesn't make any sense to me.

hazeblaze3987d ago

What the article states is that the 40 GB model will be the only one that is universal worldwide. The US may have a 80 GB while Japan has a 120 GB etc.... The article makes it clear that the 80 GB is not being discontinued and that the journalist may have misinterpreted something if he thought it was going to be. How are you guys missing that???

Tsalagi3987d ago

I have a 60GB so it really doesn't matter to me but if removing the backwards compatibility will keep the prices of the next-gen systems reasonable then i'm all for it. Just don't trade in your last gen console at Gamestop and you'll be fine.

Arkham3987d ago

I wouldn't worry. I believe he's referring exclusively to Africa. E.g. going forward only the 40GB model will be available in Africa.

The "Worldwide" comment was qualified by Foster. He seems to be saying that on a worldwide basis, only the 40GB model will be available everywhere. Models other than the 40GB will be offered in other countries, but this article is focuses exclusively on Africa.

ActionBastard3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

Why is this surprising? Did you really think AFTER they remove BC, they'll drop a new model with it. Have some realistic expectations ppl.

I don't dispute any of what you said. I do feel that there is just no way they can segment their userbase more than it already is. If the long term goal is to have the PS3 play PS3 games (novel idea), they should discontinue the 60&80GB models. You just can't have current 40GB users paying $400 for a console without BC, only to have a 60 or 80GB reduce in price to $400 as well (obviously, the 40 would drop too).

actionjackson3987d ago

They don't need to make a new model. They had 2 that were selling (60bg/80gb). The 60gb had the EE, and the 80gb has software emulation. Why not leave one of those in the marketplace. Those who were willing to part with their PS2 would likely purchase the complete option 80gb. Those with a PS2 could have purchased the 40gb version. This combination, of all the one's Sony came out with, seemed the most reasonable. This article sounds odd enough, but this is truly against how Sony has been running there business since the beginning of time.

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