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Godchild10203566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

Wow! I sure know I will past on this deal. Not that MW3 will be bad, but I will not trade in my battlefield just to get MW3. That doesn't mean other people won't. Either way the people that buy both will have the best of both worlds and pick which one they think is better.

5 more days.

Edit: This promotion is good for those that are on the fence on which one to get or on the fence from the BF3 beta. I used the beta to the fullest and that is why I will be getting BF3.

decrypt3566d ago

Lol why would i wanna play reskinned MW1 when i could be playing BF3.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx3566d ago

Reskinned Mw1 wrong actually, they've updated the game alot since Mw1 to Mw2, but from what I've seen you can call Mw3 reskinned Mw2

ginsunuva3566d ago

Actually Mw2 downgraded from Mw1

solid warlord3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

@decrypt well BF3 plays like BC2 in everway. After playing BF3, the graphics are shit on consoles and play exactly the same as BC2. I rather play MW3 skinned from MW2 than play BF3 skinned from BC2.


Only COD multiplayer atleast is more fun than BF.


Why on Earth would anyone want to trade in their copy of Battlefield 3 and 99(p)itiful excuses for a copy of MW3?

da_2pacalypse3565d ago

lol come on guys, it wont be a re-skinned mw1 or 2 because zampella and west are gone, therefore you're better off playing mw1 and mw2.

Arnon3565d ago

But you haven't played battlefield 3 on consoles. Unless of course, you went to PAX.

Scary693565d ago

Wow this a red flag for me, they are basically giving away MW3 something is up.


"Ditch Battlefield 3 for CoD:MW3 only for 99p"
"Ditch the next 99 CoD's for Battlefield 3, and save yourself time, money and heartache!"

Xalaris3565d ago

Damn, looks like DICE has Infinity Ward grabbed by the nuts with all the hype going around BF3. LOL

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Crazyglues3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

Hell the only way your getting my BF3 copy is if they rip it from my cold dead hands... LoL -(because there is no way in hell I would trade that in)

-But all jokes aside I guess this is a good news for people who use GameStop, I don't, I hate GameStop

-but I think we can all understand needing some help to get all these titles coming out this fall...especially since the deal includes other titles like dead island and others..


xPrOzAK--3565d ago

Battlefield 3 For the win ^^
im proud to pre order BF3 on PS3

megacowdung3565d ago

YESSSSSSSSSS! PS3 all the way!!!!!!! add me I'm "megacowdung" on psn

damnyouretall3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

i aint tradin shit. id like to try mw3 campaigne, maybe before the end of next year before the same black ops 2 cod games is released. will anyone even be excited for that? what a joke

iamnsuperman3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

GAME have been doing deals like these for weeks with other games. It was 99p to get gears. I can't remember which games you had to trade in. These seems the new trend for retailers selling new games now. By X for pennies if you trade in a,b or c

caseh3566d ago

Thats a pretty good deal if you think about it, you can rinse BF3 for 2-3 weeks and if the multiplayer isn't to your liking you can simply switch to CoD for 99p.

I'll most likely stick with BF3 but for those who don;t like it thats a cracking deal.

Ghoul3565d ago

The profit theymake on those 3 games you traded in is much higher when resold
The hte loss they make by selling you the 1 title for 1buck

Not true but example

60 new : they paid like 40 to the retailer mostly even less
3* 25-45 used : they geth like 70-120 for the used games you gave them

40 loss
100 winning ( roughly)

Makes 60 bucks more money if YOU bought it for 1 dollar and traded in something else

Thats why thissystematic used market by gamestop and co is damaging the industry

The devs get nothing in those resold games

My calculation is just a rough example

vinniects3565d ago

I'm getting tired of people saying developers don't get anything in the selling of used games. Before it was used someone had to buy it new. If I sell my three year old tv to get a new one should Sony make money on it? Maybe developers should worry about making a better game that I would never want to trade in.

Ghoul3565d ago

Vinni thahts childish comeon

1person payed yes
All people that buyed his copy or the copy from theoast one the dev wont get money

Its not comparable since there is no globally acting companynthtat sells used tvs form example

Used cars are still profitable for example you need replacement parts or service

The games industry is plagued by these methods

AND thaths the only reason we have this dlc first user stuff or mappacks etc

caseh3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )


There are a lot of variables with regards to second-hand games. I picked up Uncharted 2 pre-owned, I now have 3 pre-ordered. Funnily enough so do all my friends after playing my copy. Chances are none of us would have it pre-ordered if I had never bought. :)

Putting people off from buying pre-owned can impact future sales.

Oh the used cars analogy doesn't really work, most parts on a car that isn't new can more often than not be picked up for a lot less from a 3rd party supplier and any garage can pretty much service any car. :)

DanSolo3566d ago

Haha I thought it was gonna say trade in BLACK OPS and get it for 99p and was gonna say that is a great deal....

But BF3..... hahahahaha

Ray1863566d ago

Trade it in. Use the code, then buy it back on e-bay used for 30.00

Bathyj3566d ago

Thats some nice thinking.

I wonder what these publishers with their clever little online codes think of that idea.

And what about EB Games who have a 7 day return policy. Whats to stop you using the code and buying the game 2nd hand later?

Mikelarry3566d ago

i 2nd that. nice thinking bro will be trying that

gamingdroid3566d ago

Ironically, this doesn't affect MW3 gamers at all, since it does NOT have a nasty Online Pass.

Online Pass is for BF3 users only....

hesido3565d ago

What Ray said, with small modification.

Buy the game. Use the code. Buy on e-bay used. Then trade it in. You don't want to wait without BF3.

However, this may slightly raise second hand prices for a while, no?