Batman: Arkham City gets post-launch discount

An online retailer is currently offering a modest discount for the recently-released Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 open-world action-adventure game, Batman: Arkham City

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BiggCMan3572d ago

Can someone clarify for me, is the game really a sandbox sort of game? Can you do anything you want aside from the story? And when you beat it (without spoiling plot elements please) can you continue to roam around the city?

BX813571d ago

If you're asking can you do things on the same level of grand theft auto then no. But you are free to roam the city and explore. When you beat the game you can continue to roam the city in you're current state or you can choose to continue a more hard core version with tougher enemies. You keep all your equipment for both. Just beat it, excellent game.

MariaHelFutura3572d ago

I bought this at walmart and got batman:aa for free w/ it.

feelintheflow3572d ago

Got mine at Costco today for 53.99

caboose323572d ago

Get it at greenmangaming for $37.57. (only for pc)

Not THATS a discount.