Gamekult review: Batman Arkham City

Stuck under the weight of all the comic book legends it features (...) the main questline could have used a more fleshed out and less conventional scenario (...) but the result remains a true delight (...) Even if a few quibbles subsist here and there, Arkham City is without a doubt the sequel we have been dreaming about.

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StanLee3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

Why does the XBox 360 version have 40 plus reviews on metacritic and the PS3 version 16? Aren't the reviews for both versions of the game and not just 1?

Michael-Jackson3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

I haven't checked all the reviews but I did notice that on the Edge review. They noted that the review was based on the 360 version.

That could be one reason why Edges review isn't on the PS3 meta but is on the 360s.

At first I thought they were slow but Gamekults review is the newest and is on both.

LOGICWINS3564d ago

8 out of 10! The horror!

ArmGunar3564d ago

8/10 on Gamekult = 17-18 on the other website ;)

gillri3564d ago

even EDGE arent this strict

damnyouretall3564d ago

wow an 8, really. im 12 hours in and havent found one flaw. so far i feel the game is damn near perfect. this game is goty so far, but we'll have to see bf3, uc3 and skyrim. like i said ,,,goty ,,,so far