Videogamer Give Ace Combat 6: 8/10 Stunning single-player campaign

In the UK, the release of a new Ace Combat game barely raises an eyebrow, but in Japan things are very different when it comes to Namco's legendary arcade flight sim.

Furthermore, on the week of Ace Combat 6's release in Japan, for the first time ever, the 360 did the unthinkable and outsold the PS3. Thankfully, Ace Combat 6 can absolutely carry the weight of the international hype on its winged shoulders, as it maintains and exceeds the standards set by previous editions.

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Multigamer3984d ago

at least namco dont screw up there games for the 360 unlike the ps3

Silver Bull3t3984d ago

"doesn't" and "their".

Unprovoked PS3 bashing makes you sound like a Timmy...