Questionable Practices in Game Reviewing

In what continues to be a disturbing practice when it comes to video game reviews, it seems EA is putting pressure on a Norwegian news site called NRK and holding back the review code of Battlefield 3 because it fears the game getting a bad score. Whether it be holding back copies of the game, or letting some sites get the review out early if it’s glowing, these practices may be good for business but certainly not good for gamers, and EA is not alone on this problem.

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Hufandpuf3567d ago

Its obvious they handpick reviewers that KNOW what they are reviewing. There is no sense in giving a copy to an RPG or racing fan that has no interest in shooters. Also, the question of whether the reviewer is a COD or BF fan is blown out of proportion. I would still let the COD fan review the game because who knows, they might give it a legitimate and thoughtful review and might even state that as a COD fan, they liked BF3.

Also, this is common practice for a LOT of publishers.

RegorL3567d ago

It is interesting that several writers about Battlefield 3 clearly states - got free tickets, rooms, food, and got some goodies with them home... To me it sounds like EA told them to tell!

BTW NRK isn't just some 'Norwegian news site'. NRK is THE media operator in Norway...

I actually think the human error was that some EA employer was lazy, instead of interviewing whoever wanted a pre-copy. The employer just sent the questionare...