What Does A Perfect Score Mean?

Everyone seems to have different definitions for the "perfect score." So whether it's a 10/10, A+, or 5/5, what does the maximum allowed score mean to you?

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LOGICWINS3566d ago

It means that the game that gets a perfect score is the pinnacle of the genre at the moment it got the score. It doesn't actually mean that the game is "perfect".

jc485733566d ago

only happens when you catch em in a good mood. when you "work," you're never in the mood to give out a perfect score.

Son_Lee3566d ago

A perfect score means you were blown away. A game could have no flaws, yet get a 9. If it didn't blow you away, it's not worth a perfect score.

Is Mirror's Edge perfect? No. But to ME, it blew me away, that's why I consider it perfect.

Oldman1003566d ago

A perfect score should be reserved for generation defining masterpieces.

MasterCornholio3566d ago

That many fanboys will use it as bragging rights.