Edge Scores Christmas Edition - SMG, Uncharted, Mass Effect and More

The notoriously critical UK Magazine reveals it's December edition scores. Another 10 is given, but not to a PS3 or Xbox360 game. Interesting scores this month with Assassin's Creed and Mass Effect getting the same score. Find out after the jump.

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RadientFlux3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

WOW I usually don't care about the odd review score but giving Bladestorm an 8 and Mass Effect a 7?

I guess Edge must have a different opinion on what makes a good game then I do. Oh well Mass Effect is a 10 in my book and that's the only review that matters.

@deep : I wouldn't mind reading the full review and I am over getting defensive over any one review. I've had too many good game experiences with games that I wasn't supposed to ;)

techie3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

It'll be interesting to find out what the text is. It says at the end that they are waiting for more info :)

InMyOpinion3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

Mass Effect seems to be a favorite among gamers. I don't get why some reviewers give it average scores. Both Halo 3 and Gears of War got high review scores everywhere and even though they are both amazing games they have their flaws. I've been an active gamer since the 80's and I consider Mass Effect one of gamings milestones. Assassins Creed has some major apparent gameplay flaws, graphical glitches, gets repetitive after three missions and takes about 9-10 hours to finish. It's a seven alright.

But I just don't get the score for Mass Effect. It's like some reviewers expected it to be an action game or something and were let down by the fact that it's an rpg(even though it's much more fluid than Biowares other games, you don't sit through endless menues customizing equipment etc). The reviewers must've really tried hard to find things to critizise.

In the case of Mass Effect I really hope 360 owners give it a try before listening too much to what reviewers have to say. After 30 seconds into it I felt in my gut(you might have felt it too with games like FFVII, Shenmue, Mario 64 etc) that this game was something else and it just continues to amaze me. Every little detail has been taken into account. Damn, maybe I should write a review of it myself ;)

techie3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

Well hopefully we'll find out why. I'd call Uncharted a favorite among gamers...that alone hardly justifies 10's. Edge is very harsh. Before you start getting defensive...Mass Effect average is 93%

MK_Red3985d ago

While deep has about text, EDGE is easily the worst review source. A site that gives 8 to BioShock and 9 to PGR4 is already unreliable. 7 for MOH but 6 for Heavenly Sword and more...

But WOW, now they've outdone themselves. 8 for the terrible Bladestorm yet 7 for ME and AC. And WTF... 5/10 for The Witcher the best PC RPG in years? I haven't seen the text but judging by those scores, EDGE is like the worst parts of 1UP, GameSpot, IGN and others combined.

techie3985d ago

I don't think so MKRed...Edge is just very harsh...with no bias, and extremely high standards. As says, they've only given out 8 10/10's in 9 years.

MK_Red3985d ago

I don't agree Deep. EDGE is just strange and chaotic. They gave 9 to PGR4 while giving 8 to BioShock and 7 to ME!! They gave 7 to Medal of Honor: A and 8 to Bladestorm while giving 6 to Heavenly Sword and 4 & 5 to Eye of Judgement and Folklore. Is that harsh or is that dumb?

techie3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

I don't depends what they write. I am pleased with the Uncharted score after their harsh preview - i was expecting a 6 lol

ps. stop flaunting your bubbles. You're no match for me :P

marinelife93985d ago

I'm sure Mario Galaxy is a good game. I just can't bring myself to playing another Mario Bros franchise again.

MK_Red3985d ago

"I am pleased with the Uncharted score "
Come one deep. They gave a 9 to PGR4! Is it really fair for Uncharted to be in very good section (8) but PGR4 to enter the great (9)? The same goes for BioShock and their 8 for it is my biggest problem.

techie3985d ago

Did you read their preview of Uncharted? They slated the preview build. So I am pleasantly's Edge for gawds sake. Usually they are a point or two below IGN, gamespot.

stuntman_mike3985d ago

i think edge is a pompus load of crap written by a bunch of bitter gaming snobs who think if its not on pc it aint any good (except for the usual suspects e.g, mario, halo).

lol i just dont like the mag sorry for the rant!

MK_Red3985d ago

stuntman_mike, Edge gave 10/10 to Halo 3!?
If that's true, WOW. They are really crappy then. 8 for BioShock, 7 for ME, 5 for Witcher, 9 for COD4 but 10 for Halo 3? Also, PGR4 being better than BioShock (In their own genres)!?

witchking3985d ago

These guys are smoking something. Aren't games supposed to be fun? GH3 is fun (regardless of how much alike it is to GH2).

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blusoops3985d ago

Mario Galaxy got a 10
Uncharted got an 8

Multigamer3985d ago

eyes pop out of sockect (lookin at the 7 for mass effect)

titntin3985d ago

I'm not hugely suprised.
Edge is notoriously critical, and much as I love it, Mass Effect has some seriously rough edges that WILL be a turn off for many people.

Issues I have noted include: Textures that take a while to load and 'pop' in, stuttering frame rates, poor Friend AI and several game stopping glitches that mean you have to switch off and restart. Add this to some pretty repetitive side quests and 'simple simon' button pressing game to do everything from 'survey' to 'overide an electronic trap', and people have got some annumition to criticise the game.

I should add, that I'm 40+ hours into the game and am enjoying it hugely, but I can recognise that there are issues with the game, and that its not a perfect title at all, so that few reviewers would not make excuses for it is not suprising..

MK_Red3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

titntin, if EDGE is indeed so critical then how Bladestorm got 8 from it, PGR4 got 9 from it and MOH:A got 7?
They seem to be cheap stunts (UPDATE: I take it back but 5 for The Witcher!? yet 6 for Hellgate and Timeshift?)

okcomputer3985d ago

40+ hours in a game that came out yesterday? How is that possible? And I thought the game was 15-20 hrs long also.

titntin3985d ago


The obvious answer is, that in their opinion, they think they are better games.

I'm not agreeing with their scores! I've read that magazine since issue 1 and have always had a problem with their scores - I remeber how p**ssed off I was with their review of Tempest 2000 on the Jag for instance :). But they are consistent in what they do and don't like, and I believe they have every right to call it as they see fit.

Its certainly not a cheap stunt, they hardly have any presence on the web and aren't interested in achieveing cheap web hits, and their publication here in the UK is definately 'niche'. They tend to appeal more to the development community than the general public too - their small adds section is full of development jobs and recruitment for the industry. I've landed most of my best jobs from the back pages of Edge!

@OK computer - plenty of places have sold this game early, and it was ripped asnd released on the download scene about 8 days ago. I also overstated my progress - my current save says 32hours (sorry). I'm a completest and I'm trying to do all the side missions - I shouold imagine I'll spend 50 hours plus on this title, which is about what Bioware claims it will take. :) Im playing a good soldier, though , and enjoying it enough that I may play through as a bad biotic once I've completed it once - try and see at least 2 of the endings..

MK_Red3985d ago

titntin, thanks for the great comment and good points.
I can't disagree. They are consistent and they don't have an internet presense so traffic as such are meaningless. I take that one (It's a cheap stunt).
But still, I can't understand their 5 for The Witcher and also the fact that Bladestorm and BioShock both got 8.

Biphter3984d ago

I agree with you on Edge, I've been reading it since issue 1 and have found I usually agree very much with half of their scores and disagree VERY much with the other half. And BTW, didn't they give Tempest 2k on the Jag a 9/10? I seem to remember them going ape over it, the only Jag game they REALLY liked (Cybermorph a close second with 8/10). I loved T2K too, I played it so much back in Summer 1994 that I carried on in my sleep ;) I was most pissed at the Alien V's Predator score they gave for Jag, 4/10, that was really bizarre. The most atmospheric and sh!t scary experience i'd ever had at that time in a game, and they knocked every bit of it down.

I must say that Edge have weird views, but you can't knock their writing styles. These guys are pros and justify all their opinions even if I don't always agree with them, i'm left respecting their decisions.

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Fighter3985d ago

Edge is a strange mag. Maybe they are trying to be artsy.

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