Fox News: Jack Tretton Interview on PS Vita

Fox Business: Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Jack Tretton on the company's new portable device Vita.

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MrSpace3571d ago

No Tie.....good decision Jack

He's like the kind of guy you would want to have as your Neighbour

"Morning Jack" he walks out to collect his newspaper and mail with his bright pink fluffy slippers, sleek night cap and his nice looking Kimono.

"Nice Job on the PSV

"Ahhh it was a piece of pie....I do what I do, what I do what I do"

LightofDarkness3571d ago

Are you his co-worker or something? Because otherwise that's some pretty pathetic fanboyism.

Kewl_Kat3571d ago

He doesn't sound like a fanboy. He sounds more like a big fan of Tretton. Now you, on the other hand, sounds like a hater. =/

Keith Olbermann3570d ago

Jack got him some of that back in the day. ;)

dc13571d ago

I thought that was pretty funny... it would be nice if some of these news outlets would hire a person with subject knowledge in that position.

Forgive the typos. Sent this from my phone.

outwar60103571d ago

someone ask him why the playstation tv will be 500 bucks in america and 500pounds in the uk??!!($788.55)

LightofDarkness3571d ago

Same with the Vita. And before someone starts off on the "weak pound" (really, when the dollar is pathetically weak?) and "taxes", no amount of either of those accounts for that sort of gouging.

SamPao3571d ago

go work in america and then copare it to how much money you get when doing it in europe.

LightofDarkness3571d ago

I have, I made substantially more in the US. Please, research how much of our income is taxed in Europe. I live in Ireland, and while we have the highest minimum wage in Europe, we're also one of the most heavily taxed. EVERYTHING is taxed here, practically anything that isn't bread or milk has a 21.5% VAT on it, we have PRSI/PAYE automatically deducted from our salaries at a rather high rate (depending on total income and tax credits) and even a yearly TV license to pay. All that goes towards our social welfare and state health-care systems, so I can't complain really (they're quite necessary), but the point is I don't have more to play around with here than I would in America.

Optical_Matrix3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

It's not within his control lol They need to take into considerations the insanely high taxes we pay in the UK, and in Europe in general. Plus the weak pound, if Sony want to shave as much off the loss their making as possible, then prices like that will be the norm until the economy shapes up again. don't understand consumer electronic markets or economics 101 do you? You're acting as if PS Vita is expensive. It's £229. In 2011 thats fucking cheap for a portable device which can do all of what Vita can. People like you just sound like whiney poor people. If it bothers you that much, earmark some money. Can't believe how cheap people are sometimes.

outwar60103570d ago

the difference is more than the 20% tax we pay in the UK so i think it is exploitation

jeepndave3571d ago

nice legs Liz Claman and oh yeah thanks for the release date Jack!

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