Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Tips on how to kill a dragon

Product-Reviews writes: If you fancy taking your chances against a dragon during the early stages of your Skyrim adventure, take note that you’ll need to have adequate firepower with you – i.e bare firsts is just not going to cut it.

Bowed attacks from range will work to an extent with the dragons, but unless you have some enchantment magic attached to your bows, it’s likely that the dragon will just fly over the top of you after a while and torch you to death.

The best method, seems to be the old traditional method of blade and shield.

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tr00p3r3566d ago

If you go for a dragon with bare fists, you probably are some kind of crazy mother fucker.

I'm glad that there's a strategy involved in taking them out, otherwise it will just get a bit boring.

Heartnet3565d ago

Depends if its always the same strategy for each dragon cause if it is thats gonna get real old lol especially if it takes forever to kill xD

Whore_Mouth3565d ago

Aren't dragons, like the main quest, locked out in the demo?
I also noticed that the links supporting their claims to the actual dragon encounters don't link you to the correct article.

I have my doubts on the validity of this article.

I would really like to see a dragon fight video though.

megacowdung3565d ago

WHAT??????????? I always fought dragons with my bare fists...