Gamefest set for 2008

Microsoft has confirmed the dates for next year's XNA Gamefest event.

Returning once again to Seattle, Washington, the event this year takes place a month early in July, on the 22nd and 23rd of the month.

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mighty_douche3988d ago

as it stands now im not seeing much on the 360 horizen. come on M$ show us some new big guns!

Bladestar3987d ago

I don't think that's the primary purpose of the XNA framework. The XNA framework is an education tool that educational institutions can use to teach game design/development. Also, a tool that allows programmers interested in making game an easier approuch into it. I've done game programming using OpenGL and directX and I can tell you is not easy.. lots of coding needs to be done to detect, initialize the hardware, bla bla bla... pain the butt.. with the xna lots of things are done for you. The XNA contains API that do lots of the math and help with the physics, effect, loading meshes, etc. This tool is not like Little big planet... is a development platform and API just like OpenGL and DirectX is... but more intermidiate and abstract many of the complexity of game development. a full blown game can be made using the XNA framework. When making a game using XNA developer can use the very same code and tecniques used in today programs... like Reflection, Generics, etc.. this is hardcore stuff... some programmers don't even know what or how to do these things.

Microsoft should probably come up with another tool for non programmers.. similar to that game on the PS1-2 that allows you to make games of templates... XNA is for programmers.. so, I don't expect lots of games out of it... people are currently using the XNA to make full games, prototype, demos, educational, and to test new game theories and techniques... at least that's what I'm using it for.

mighty_douche3987d ago

*hangs head in shame*

ill read more next time.