GameTrailers: Saints Row: The Third Video Preview

The devastation, and outrageous antics aren't the only elements that are revamped in Saint's Row: The Third. Deeper customization, more weapons, and even new game modes make this installment one to look out for.

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WetN00dle693573d ago

I wish we could get a demo........:(
Nov 15th is oh so painfully ways off.

Oldman1003573d ago

Looks like a breath of fresh air. It's a shame how serious games have become. This is something i'll gladly buy.

LOGICWINS3573d ago

Getting this and Killzone 3 on Black Friday. I'll GLADLY fight through mobs of people for these games lol.

showtimefolks3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

for cheap and man did i have a blast with it. I believe SR3 could have the GRA:SA affect on the market and on reviewers so its my sleeper pick for GOTY

one thing this game will do better than any other is craziness in a game with a huge fun factor

i am extremely glad that this time i don't have to earn respect to play story missions, instead respect unlocks RPG elements. A lot of time in SR2 i felt like the game was holding me back because after one story mission you have to do few side missions just to unlock one more story mission

a lot of us want GTA hd collection this is for me atleast GTA:SA HD lol with improvements

ThichQuangDuck3573d ago

This truly is for the GTA San Andreas and Vice City fans because it is just meant to be fun and basically says to GTA IV and Rockstar why did you become so serious? I cannot wait for this game