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Kevin Schultz writes: "Have you had hobo stew before? We knew a hobo once who could make a real mean stew. There’s no science to the recipe. You just take whatever you can scrounge up and throw it all into a boiling pot. Some of those ingredients may be better by themselves or if prepared differently, but when you’re a hobo you take what you can get. Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny is a stew with plenty of fixings in the pot, but it’s a bit overcooked."

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kesvalk3566d ago

i am a long time fan of the series, and i love the game, they simplified the farming, yes, but they add a lot more depth in the combat and the side quests keep the game from feeling like work, for me, it's the best rune factory yet.

jacksonmichael3566d ago

Hm... There is a Casual games tag... We've been trolled.

Titanz3565d ago

Never squeeze your naughty parts when you're writing a review. You'll eventually end up docking points because of the pain you'll be inflicting upon yourself.