GTA Games Have Only 'Scratched The Surface' of What's Possible, says Rockstar

GTA has become a staple of the game industry, revolutionizing gameplay with an open-world style that countless other titles have mimicked outright or incorporated in their own designs to some degree. While open-world style gaming is nothing new anymore, there's still plenty to be done with the genre, says Rockstar's Dan Houser.

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MrSpace3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

Funny because for a GTA game GTA4 seemed like a step back at what made them so great

Smaller map then GTA:SA

Just Cause 2 map should put Rockstar to shame. This is how you do it Rockstar

Imagine this map being in the next GTA. Let's say it takes place back in Vice City....Vice City should be that small island at the bottom right hand corner.

Less to do then GTA:SA

Why get get rid of features from previous GTA games which made the game more appealing. Oh lets add a mobile phone so AI's can keep bugging you every 10 minutes.

Not as fun as GTA:SA

Honestly I got more fun out of Saints Row 2, even the DLC packs the BOGT was still lacking GTA excitment like the old games.

I want to see a GTA game which is better the GTA:SA. Bigger map, more to do, more fun, interesting characters.

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You know, I think it would of turned out better. Least the map would of been bigger and they would of had more to work with.

They should make GTA5 an exclusive, they still owe Sony a game, if I was Sony I would ask for GTA if they do take AGENT MP. I mean Sony wanted L.A Noire, Rockstar said they wanted to take it MP and would do AGENT for them...they agreed and now AGENT looks like it's going MP, Sony should just tell them to stop screwing them around.

lazertroy3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

GTA4 should've been a PS3 Exclusive.

Ranshak3576d ago

I urge you to take a look at some of the Mods for the PC version. Then come back and let us know if your comment made any sense.

If random modders are making stuff like that possible on PC. Imagine what would have happened if the devs themselvs made the game PC exclusive.

There are no PS3 exclusive games that are openworld like GTA4 and actually look good in graphics. Hence i do not feel making it PS3 exclusive would have shown any better results.

Brownghost3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

@lazertroy. what would that do, it would still be terrible, what a fanboy

B1663r3576d ago Show
Bull5hifT3576d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

Deal is Rockstar Hit Up Sony during the early Ps3 and offered them the Same Gta Exclusivity , they did last Gen... But Sony Moved the Release Date and sold at $600 and $500 and the Fan Base Was Somewhat Substantial on the 360 at the time they had to rocoup there Budget And the Crucial Time Came when Rockstar asked sony to lower the PS3's Price but sony Couldnt afford it cause at the time it was costing them $800 to build and selling at $600 but they hoped to make that money back with Game Sales and Periphials Then Micro$oft Comes in with A Suitcase with $5 Million to develop on 360, and People took that number and inflated it to 50 cause it sounded better to them and the DVD's space forced Rockstar to make Extreme Cutbacks on the Game .... Making it look plain and boring in a way, And Micro$ofts Contract Was it had to be of equal or Better to what is given to the PS3 and company's were Charged to Pay extreme royalties if the game ended up being Multiple Disk ...... RANSHANK: Infamous 2 Is better open World
On PS3 sorry , And THE GETAWAY coulda been amazing utilizing that Blu-Ray

Snakefist303575d ago


Yeah I hav looked at the mods on youtube I still wanted Gt4 to be a PS3 exclusive.Those mods willnot work on my pc!!!

vortis3575d ago

Yeah because obviously, you can use the PC mods on PS3


Fanboys are the worst kind of trolls. And seirously, the game is only at its full potential with the mods. I refuse to play GTA IV on console and refuse to play it without's just too ugly.

Disagree all you want, but once you get a taste of iCE it's like don't want nothing else.

TXIDarkAvenger3575d ago

Why would it matter if GTA4 was an exclusive?

SA was great game on both PC, Xbox, and PS2. GTA4 could have been something better but it wasn't. And this had nothing to do with the game not being a PS3 exclusive...

_Aarix_3575d ago

Yea cause the 360 held back content they would have made anyway /s

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vortis3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

WTF are you talking about? Yes there was less to do because they SWITCHED TO A BIGGER ENGINE!

The comparisons are uncanny, any idiot who can't see how the shooting mechanics were actually workable (you couldn't aim right or shoot right in GTA: SA for spit) and the Euphoria engine gave the game an entirely different feel and atmosphere must be blind.

Of course there was a lot to do in GTA: SA because it was the third iteration of that version of the game engine based on the GTA III format. GTA IV had a lot of ground-up work to be done. Ugh, then again I can see why you have one bubble.

For GTA: SA, I admit that the cross-state trucking, pizza delivery, motorcycle racing, airplanes, gambling, basketball and the amount of buildings you could go into made the game easily the most replayable game of the PS2/Xbox era, but there were going to have to be sacrifices to move the engine/genre forward. I actually can't wait to see what they do next, especially if it includes any Vice City (which is still my favorite of all the games).

I didn't mind the steps backward because GTA IV was the first (and probably last) game this gen from the series. However, if you got the PC version the modding possibilities are endless and the ICenhancer plus the option to import vehicles from GT5/Forza makes it one of the most scalable games this gen, and if you have a monster PC the Ice+modded cars = best looking game this gen.

Also, did you see the Left 4 Dead GTA IV Mod that turns all the citizens into zombies and you have to try to escape? Absolutely epic.

If you want mindless fun I admit Saints Row 2 was the way to go, but if you wanted concentrated fun with intense action, unrivaled shootouts and a fighting system that wasn't entirely one-sided, then GTA IV owned up. The only thing GTA needed was the ability to grab people like in SR2.

But SR2 even on the highest settings on PC looks like garbage and it runs even worse. The AI was exceptionally stupid (stand out in the open and shoot) and the lack of physics kept a lot of things mundane.

If you're 15 or younger you'd probably prefer SR2 but anyone older would probably get more attached to GTA IV...especially the Lost and the Damned, that was one of the best solo-stories this gen. I felt kind of bad for those guys.

mamotte3576d ago

So, because the game looks better, is ok to make it less fun? For the new engine?

Come on, give me one bigger, funnier and longer GTA with PS2 graphics. It'll be better.


I kind of agree with you and I will throw this back to an interview I read with Dan back when GTA4 came out.

cut a long story short, he said that gta4 was the = to GTA3 and in the same way they built vice city and san-andreas off the gta3 engine. the same focus was on getting the engine right in gta4.

If you look at what they then did with liberty city stories and Red Dead you can see how they have pushed it forward.

yes it did suck that they took out some key things and the story for niko could have been better. he didn't seem as gangsta or like a delivery boy and he never felt like he got passed being the delivery boy.

lets wait and see. R* only need to look at the feedback to know what needs to be done with gtaV

b163o13575d ago

So we're talking about another GTA R*? WHAT ABOUT.....AGENT!!!! I feel we as loyal fans have been patient, very patient. It's like y'all forgot about. As far as another GTA do better then last time. Gta4 was trash, after everyone calmed down from the euphoria of the release people started to notice

Focus on Agent. The word of the day is Agent R*

NIRVANArazor3575d ago

you do know san was the only wacky GTA right?
i mean the others had their moments but really everyone stop riding the cock of SAN it was good but not the best the story pretty much blew in my opinion III is better than San anyday and vice had the best story. so San had jetpacks... yup.

Enigma_20993575d ago

GTA IV played better than ANY GTA before it, and you're b****** about the size of the map?

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Brownghost3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

ill play just cause 2 over gta 4 any day. Also the only one that scratched the surface was san andreas, maybe even cracked it. Also if they do release it please dont delay the pc version

bumnut3575d ago

Just Cause 2 is cool, I loved grappling onto a helicopter and dragging the pilot out.

ZBlacktt3576d ago

Odd that RockStars says this. While other dev's are saying they've maxed out the gaming consoles of today.

Plagasx3576d ago

Better do something fast Rockstar, Saints Row 3 looks to be stealing all the "fun" now...

palaeomerus3576d ago

Yeah I kind of felt like GTA IV only scratched the surface too. Do more than scratch the surface on GTA V okay ? Don't let a disappointment become a slump. Red Dead Redemption was pretty good.

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