Games Radar: The evolution of water effects

It's probably a toss up between water and skin for the 'most difficult thing to replicate on a computer'. But at least water effects can look pretty even when they're done unrealistically. So here Games Radar looks back over how water effects have progressed over the last 20 or so years. If you can't swim, best keep a few feet back from the screen, just in case.

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unrealgamer583988d ago

i love the water and face expressions in uncharted

Xi3988d ago

in uncharted, i personally think that fluid dynamics and 3d waves make water a lot better, water in halo 3 looked better than uncharted.

BulletToothtony3988d ago

has to be in tne top 10 ultimate fanboy comments..

obviously dude you don't have an hdtv, or a ps3 for that matter.. the water looks awesome in uncharted

it's clear, there's reflection and there's even fish in it.. so i would just stop hating if i was you. it's a great game, not only the way it looks but the gameplay as well

marinelife93988d ago

I'm sorry but when I first saw the ocean pics in Lair I had to put it up as a desktop background.

wil4hire3988d ago

Uncharted uses 8 pass fluid dynamics to generate the ripples as drake walks through the water. It also calculates buoyancy for when enemies fall or while swimming. To top that all off, there is water resistance when your character runs deep into it.

Perhaps if you played that game, ever. You would see what all reviewers are talking about.

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solar3988d ago

to me the way water and lighting in this generation looks tells me the gen is at least improving. i knew bioshock and uncharted would be on the list since both look amazing and are leaps and bounds greater than other games so far. pure beauty.

Hydrollex3988d ago

The graphics beat every single game out there. If you haven't see the graphic don't disagree me.

Double-Edged3988d ago

i disagree.
Uncharted. their skin still looks like plastic.
And I've seen the gameplay.
the water splashes are not revolultionary at all.

Vip3r3988d ago

Mass Effect looks plastic too so I'd keep those fanboy comment to yourself.

Keyser3988d ago

you should be a shame of yourself. I wonder what you were thinking when you typed your comment, "This will piss a lot of guys off."

Come on man, we're gamers. Cut the crap.

Halo 3 and Bioshock have good looking water but I think Uncharted tops the "charts". It's very realistic.

You got to respect the developers who think about the little things that we gamers do when we're playing a game. Especially how when he gets in the water and comes out wet based on what part of his clothing actually was in the water.

Props to Naughty Dog for a great game. I hope you enjoy my 60 bucks.

Skerj3988d ago

Great list, I agree with it very much except for the lack of HL2. Uncharted's water is hands down the best, no one should be disputing that.

motang3988d ago

When I took graphics programming class, water was the most difficult to program. It also the difficult to make water look like it does in real life as it is very unpredictable as to how it moves. We were using OpenGL in that class, and it is really amazing what game programmers have done in for instance in BioShock, Super Mario Galaxy, Drake's Fortune to name a few.

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The story is too old to be commented.