Marketing Strategies – Why So Many Attack Battlefield 3

PlayStation Euphoria writes: "With three of the year’s biggest games releasing right around the corner, we should take a look at the marketing strategies used by each and why Battlefield 3 might be taking all the hits this year. If you haven’t been able to guess, I am talking about the “Big Three” of 2011, Uncharted 3, Battlefield 3, and Modern Warfare 3. These three titles all have a lot to prove to stand out."

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Grandclover3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

Its taking hits because gamers have turned into lil girls (not big girls who love gaming too, lil girls who like to play with there safe dolly). I remember when Miller mad a hilarious commerical knocking Bud light, I then remember when Bud made a commerical knocking them back that was equally hillario. What happend? Networks got there panties in a bunch and said that they wouldn't endorse a fight between the both....girls. Now in gaming ABOUT a game where my objective is to KILL YOU and BLOW UP YOU BUILDING we can't have some good ol fun rousing. A beta that was crap is serioulsy going to hurt that bad? (yes i agree it will, but i also think the people who are going to let a beta make that choice for them are stupid, sorry people BETA still means something to us who realise the differance between a beta and a demo) Ohh im going to love playing this game with the six buddies i know are getting it the millions who will playing it period, and my GF who knows a beautifully done FPS when she sees one. The rest of you are going to play your COD for a month then flood every forum about how much you hate activion and how MW3 is nothing like MW2 and lord idk whatever else it is you polute those forums with. GIVE ME SOME LOVE IF THERE ARE ANY ADULT GAMERS LEFT!!! ( and no there is no age requirment)

evrfighter3572d ago

"“Big Three” of 2011, Uncharted 3, Battlefield 3, and Modern Warfare 3. "

ummmm I don't know where this guy is gettin his info but skyrim is set to be the biggest rpg launch in years. It's going to crush uncharted 3.

the big 3 of 2011 is indeed skyrim, bf3, and mw3

news4geeks3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

you're probably right but that's only because uncharted is an exclusive. It would sell comfortably more than skyrim if it was a multiplatform release. I'm pretty sure oblivion sold 5-6 on ps3 and xbox combined which is similar to uncharted2.

3GenGames3572d ago

Newsflash, even the "best" RPG's of this generation don't sell anywhere close. Fable 3 only got close, not much else. [Because even the best RPG's aren't that good but still.]

SH0CKW4VE3572d ago

Fable is a good RPG?

lol of questionable tastes.

syanara3571d ago

I called the the Big Three because there we're all the third games of the series with the most publicity, has almost nothing to do with sales or commercial success and more so with commercial success from publicity and marketing strategies relating to that.

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venom063572d ago

this should labeled an opinion article.... even if the author's opinion doesn't make any sense..

bwazy3572d ago

I should write a response article titled "Why no one gives a flying f***". Seriously who cares. Games out in 6 days and im gonna need new pants.

ZILLA3572d ago

cause it will CRUSH ever FPS made this gen(end of story)

GraveLord3572d ago

Maybe that's why people hate BF3. Because of people like you.

OcelotRigz3572d ago

I presume he means "Big Three" as in the games with "3" at the end. Otherwise, by default, Skyrim has to be included. Seriously, this season is the best gaming season ever, regardless, when i get my hands on Skyrim that all goes out the window and its game over for everything else, and i mean "everything". Its just the way it is. Skyrim, like his younger brother Oblivion, is an evil bastard like that.

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