Sonic Generations Demo Impressions-For the Love of Gaming

Cory gives his impressions of the Sonic Generations Demo. Is this the Sonic game we have been waiting for?

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MultiConsoleGamer3571d ago

I thought Sonic Colors was very good, and this game also looks very promising.

Yi-Long3571d ago

... and looking at the video, I can tell that the slight complaints I had with it are still there (Sonic coming of the bumpers a bit 'stiff', not being able to roll him into a ball in a looping, and you probably still have to keep the direction pressed while going through everything to keep that speed up...

... so it won't really have that classic perfect gameplay-feel that the first 2 Sonic games had.

Still a promising looking Sonic game ofcourse, but mostly cause there haven't been any good Sonic games for so very very long....

FragMnTagM3571d ago

I loved the O.G. Sonic part of the new demo, but the new one can take a flying hike. If they were to take just the O.G. Sonic part of this game and make a full game out of that, I would be really happy to purchase a Sonic game once more.

Never was a fan of the 2 1/2D Sonic games and I am still not.

Give me the original Sonic and I will be happy.