Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Review [] "It's been nearly a year since Dead Rising 2 was released and already we've seen more spin-offs than 'The Real Housewives' series. There comes a time in every game's life where we have to say enough is enough and the fact it's come after a year with Dead Rising 2 isn't that great. It's not all doom and gloom though as Dead Rising 2: Off the Record does have some merits, such as its much reduced price tag."

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mephman3566d ago

Hopefully they've got Dead Rising 2 out of their system now.

ShawnCollier3566d ago

Hopefully they'll go "off" the spin-offs from now on.

Pikajew3565d ago

I didn't play Dead Rising 2 yet. I will play this one, I like you can play sandbox mode

Juxtor3565d ago

I am actually interested to try this out now. Looks pretty decent