I want to buy intentionally difficult games

For Dark Souls, high difficulty sells. Read on to know why.

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NagaSotuva3565d ago

I like a good challenge, but I'm glad every game is not as merciless as Dark Souls or Ninja Gaiden.

Sadie21003565d ago

Same here, but I think I'm getting wimpier as time goes by. Most games are so idiot-proof now, that I've become babied, and games like Dark Souls feel so much more difficult than they should be for someone like me.

illegalyouth3565d ago

I'm also interested to see what the sales numbers will be for Dark Souls...I think Atlus said Demon's Souls sold something like a half-million copies in North America, which seems pretty huge considering that the game received little marketing exposure and open hostility from game journalists. If Dark Souls sells much more, maybe other developers will begin to take notice.

kevnb3564d ago

Demons souls got goty and high scores at reputable websites, but review scores don't mean much, word of mouth both scared and attracted gamers.

THR1LLHOUSE3565d ago

Yeah, I like the idea of this, even if I don't personally want to buy games as hard as Dark Souls...but I like that it's not "too hard", it's just "very hard", and if that's not for you, then it's not for you. Different strokes and all that.

JellyJelly3564d ago

I love games that have that old school feel to them. Deus Ex had that and it added greatly to the immersion of the game. It makes you feel fragile instead of indestructible, which also makes completing stuff rewarding instead of making it feel like a chore.

flyingmunky3564d ago

Quite honestly the difficultly is not the reason why I like Dark Souls and Demons Souls.

The enemy design is unique, the atmosphere is dark and brooding and hostile, the combat controls are tight, the rpg elements are well molded, and the storyline is well told by the npcs and items.

I think the games difficultly is appropriate to the setting they are trying to portray. No more no less.

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