Off-Screen Uncharted 3 Campaign Screens Proves Its Visual Prowess

A few reviewers have posted some off-screen screengrabs of Uncharted 3 which show the game’s true visual prowess with no add effects and they look really stunning.

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smurfz3565d ago

That DESERT. Man, how am I supposed to consume so many awesome games within such a short span of time? More importantly, who's GOING to give me the MONIES to do so? :(

Convas3565d ago

More game than time? Join the club.

nveenio3565d ago

Oh great...there's a club now? Just tell me to whom I write the check for dues...

I've got this pre-ordered through Amazon with $0.99 release day shipping. I figure I might be able to get some work done that week while I wait for the package to arrive. Otherwise, I'd be buying it at Wal-Mart first chance I get. (Plus, going through Amazon saves me $5.)

Autodidactdystopia3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

when i look at that screen in the desert with my wire-frame dev goggles (i have lots of experience with gpus cpus and game engines including optimizations of the game-world for performance.) No joke PM me and ill teach you some stuff.

I begin to think wow its amazing but then i realize what im looking at. I am looking at one single surface albeit warped into dunes.

One single surface with one single dynamic texture and a lil displacement by the feet along with some decals.

it looks good but remember Altair form AC during the loading screens you had Altair running around a similar environment of flatness and smoke whilst loading in the rest of the level. and pretty damn good fps too.

i also remember that when i look at the floor in many of my games My fps shoots up to like 300fps due to culling and other obvious reasons i see the technique they are using here. everything else is gone there is literally nothing in the scene but drake and the ground until he runs down off the dune into the city which is also risen about 30 ft so that the ground culls the rest of the dunes as he enters the city. clever techniques but something tells me that every last drop of the ps3 is being used to push that barren desert scene and as soon as he runs down into the city the angle of the floor of the desert is risen upwards and he is below it as he enters the city meaning that the desert is no longer being drawn so the ps3 has resources for the rest of the level. (meaning its not rendering the whole level at once just the desert then just the city)

Looks like a really good mix of their streaming technology and level design.

but i think that's the basic principal of how they've done it.

Seriously though Im not lying or anything. go look up culling for games and you'll see that they are using the desert to cull itself from the rest of the city until the very last second and then the wall of dirt he comes running down begins culling the city from the desert on the other side.

Sweet. :)

@ below My point is that I like what I see but I also understand how its possible. which is not due to the overwhelming power of the ps3 but due to clever decisions by ND because that level of fidelity would not be possible if there were more in the scene.

Biggest3565d ago

I can't seem to find your point.

Biggest3565d ago

Now I don't understand why your point matters. Uncharted 3 looks to be an awesome game on all fronts. Why try to damper excitement by explaining what you feel is smoke and mirror development? Can't the game just look GREAT and be done with it?

Autodidactdystopia3565d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

Well I am not trying to damper anything.

I said nothing about smoke and mirror development.

I enjoy savoring the little things if all you wanna say is that it looks GREAT and be done with it then that is up to you. I prefer to look at the little things and maybe let someone who does care about the "HOW" rather than the "what" learn something.

If you felt that then maybe you should evaluate how you feel about this because I think it is an outstanding example of developer cunning and achievement. I just get excited by this stuff it is my passion so Im gonna say whatever the hell I want. Thank you. :)

you should take more time saying unique things not just trying to discredit someone you don't even know on a gaming website.

Iroquois_Pliskin3564d ago

oh sweet jesus so many great games coming out and not enough time... count me in

MaxXAttaxX3564d ago

You bore me.

You sound like the type of guy who would ruin the "magic" and fun of other things like movies and sex.

Autodidactdystopia3564d ago

wow you guys are on it today.

for every layer of magic and fun you think you have just imagine what lies beneath. Thats the beauty of the universe you can never get to the bottom layer of the onion.

People like you who made fun of the guy who said the world is round and not flat.

If your getting by thinking that sex is about magic then you might need to check your size. odds are your girlfriend doesn't like your excuses.

Ignorance is bliss I guess. you bore me as well.

Plug your ears and say lalalala. ;P

Bathyj3564d ago

I'm already President of The More Dollars than Sense Club but I could probably still join the More Game than Time Club too.

baodeus3564d ago

The good:
The game looks really good, great artistic direction, very convincing environment and great details.

The bad:
The fanboy gonna used it as fuel for the stupid war.

The ugly:
This is where autodidactdystopia comes in to play. U point out certain things which many won't like to hear.

Dee_913564d ago

@Autodidactdystopia I understand you . I understand that graphics or what ever may be your passion. However your Wall'O'Text was informative nevertheless but unnecessary.
Holy S#!T did he compare this to Greek philosophy lol

PinkFunk3564d ago

@Everyone and Autodidactdystopia

Lay off the fella. I understand your need to dig beneath surface experiences, and understand the "how". I think that's what interests us in the visuals, and in the performance. There's no doubt in the beauty of the scene, and of the game in general - it's just interesting afterward from a perspective of either a developer, an artist, a curious joe, to question the mechanics behind the visual effect.

So let's chill out, and not jump to attack anyone...

...and now the obligatory, zomg I can't freakin' wait till November 1st. UC3 has got to be my most anticipated game, always beauty from start to finish.

wenaldy3564d ago


You are sorta party/ wedding crasher-type guy.. lol..


Im IN!!!!

Autodidactdystopia3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

no hard feelings guys I come here for the community
I kinda see myself as the wedding/party crasher always better than compliance.


I also cant take back the words i never said. :)

I know its cheesy but i really like this song, speaks to me. :P don't muzzle me

ya'll are my bros. I wouldn't be here if i couldn't take the heat.

nycredude3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )


WTF are you blabbing about? He is in the middle of a desert. What do you expect to find there a carnival? Skyscrapers? Massive amounts of enemies just waiting in the sand to ambush Nate?

Fact is you have no idea really how they programmed the game. You can assume, or imagine how you would have done it but only they know how they did it. You may well be right but you don't know for sure. Besides who cares how they did it as long as it looks great. I play the game not codes. THis isn't the matrix. And if it is so easy why haven't anyone else done this to this level?

Nolando3564d ago


It looks amazing nonetheless but I appreciate the insight on how it was done.

There are people that just want to be WOWed and want to believe the PS3 is some bottomless source of "powa".

I am pretty amazed by how defensive people get over someone explaining how it was/could of been done, And you did it in a manner that didn't seem antagonizing.

Great posts, I wish I had a PS3 to play UC2 and 3 (I beat 1 on my uncles PS3 a long time ago great game).

PixL3564d ago

Concerning Auto...'s comment: you're right it's all tricks. However, if you really were into gamedev, you'd know it's the main goal of game makers to trick you. There are always shortages: of memory, of IO output, of processing power, of time before controller response, etc. ND are the masters of trickery and PS3 hardware. I've just watched the new cinematic trailer for UC3. It feels like an Indiana Jones film trailer and it shows everything the same way. You say "it's just culling". Just? Do you even know how many hours of design, programming and drawing it takes to make such awesomeness? And they did it in less than 3 years! UC is a game I can show to people who know nothing about consoles and be proud that it's been released for my platform of choice. That kind of feeling you can't get anywhere else, only on PlayStation.

ChickeyCantor3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

"However, if you really were into gamedev, you'd know it's the main goal of game makers to trick you. "

I think he was simply expressing it more on that front.

...Comprehensive reading is awesome!

"Do you even know how many hours of design, programming and drawing it takes to make such awesomeness? And they did it in less than 3 years! "

I think he does.
"less than 3" years as it should be. Espespecially if you already have so much to work with ( UC I && II)

A normal development(not regarding games) cycle should range to 6 months. Because technology advances rapidly.
Some developers take many years for their games but that doesn't mean they are taking the time to make the best and crafted game ever. It could be many factors( like change in art-direction, gamedesign changes, complete overhaul in mechanics whatever).
A game shouldn't take longer than 3 years to develop. If it does It just means that most of them are hindering development in someway.

Saladfax3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

I find it terribly funny how he's actually playing heavy compliment to Naughty Dog, but the simple fact that he uttered the phrase "...not due to the overwhelming power of the PS3," causes idiots to criticize him. Hell, it's actually nice to hear someone with an educated, informed opinion rather than the usual, "OMG IT LOOKS BETTER BECAUSE I HAVE 20/200000 VISION?!?!"

For the seventy billionth time: give kudos to the game and development team, not the plastic brick it comes on.

And knowing a little more about how devs do certain things gives greater insight and respect to those who do them well. I found the brief description interesting.

To those who thought he was insulting them by suggesting their "tricks" were gimmicky, quit projecting so hard. I swear, people like to get up in arms over the dumbest crap these days.

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showtimefolks3564d ago

they out do themself more often than people give them credit for. We all wondered along with reviewers that if it was possible to improve upon UC2 and now we have this amazing looking game

thePatriot3564d ago

these "screengrabs" make me thirsty.

zeddy3564d ago

who cares how they did it aslong as it looks good right? if you walk up to a wall in uc2 you will see that there arent really any bricks its just a wall with a really detailed picture. but this is the same for every other game and movies. you cant expect them to render every single grain of sand.

mega BIG time3561d ago

Yeah.. soo the 4th screen shot down, im pretty sure that's de_chateau. Drake is really getting around!

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psb3565d ago

coz am attending a midnight launch for this baby! Can't wait.

iNcRiMiNaTi3565d ago

Isn't that the whole point of pre-ordering? I thought midnight launches were only given to people who pre-ordered at that location

Pacman3213565d ago

Imo midnight launches are now quite irrelevant seeing as you can get the game a day early if you pre-order online (if you buy off a good supplier).

kikizoo3564d ago

midnight launch are for teenagers, now most of the gamers are adults, so, they probably really don't care.

by the way, just a word for the graphics : bam !

Jensen3564d ago

@kikizoo .... ummm iam an adult... i attend midnight launchers.. cause usually the store gives away free stuff.... and its pretty fun.... hangn out and chillen..soo your opinion on midnight launch for teenager ect... and gamers are adults...completely false.

3565d ago
PR_FROM_OHIO3565d ago

No way that can be playable WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NAUGHTY DOG Please stop i don't think my PS3 can handle this game just imagine what they are going to do with the PS4 my GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sevir043564d ago

just wait till its in your ps3

christian hour3564d ago (Edited 3564d ago )

@ PR_FROM_OHIO Have a look at some nvidia tech demos that use tesselation, physx and cuda.(if you want an idea of what to expect from ps4) In fact just do some searches for batman arkham city with phys x on, or arkham asylum with phys x on, these are a few of the nice new techs that will make the nex gen consoles even better :D or if you have over a grand to spare, you can experience it now :P

Thats my plan! PC for multi plats (BF3/Skyrim/Arkham City look INSANE on pc) which hopefully I'll have by december (dunno how I'm goign to avoid buying these on 360/ps3 though until then) and then my consoles will be reserved for multiplats :D That way I get my master chiefs and my drakes and my gears and my gods of war : D

To put it in persepctive, 360 and ps3 have 256mb ddr2 Graphics cards, nvidias latest card is a 3gb ddr5 GPU. And that itself isnt even needed to still be leaps and bounds beyond consoles, you could get by with a 2 gig one which is half the price of the 3gb, but still thats (the 3gb) roughly ten times more powerful than current consoles GPU's.

Realistically we're playing on relics with the current consoles and going off industry trends there should have been a new gen of consoles out by now (or at least announced). I'm tired of waiting hence the PC purchase in the pipeline, but I'm hoping they announce new consoles at e3 this year :D Sorry about the wall of text (and any typos), I got carried away :P

Also cant WAIT for UC3. Been playing nothign but the BETA and will continue to until a retail copy lands in my ps3 :D