Duke Nukem: Forever UK advert banned by Advertising Standards Agency

The Advertising Standards Agency has banned the advert for the Duke Nukem: Forver game from being shown before 11pm, following a series of viewer complaints who deemed it sexist

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MAJ0R3566d ago

prime example why socialism sucks

The Meerkat3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )


Its more likely Conservative churchy people would be complaining about this.

Socialism is responsible for uncontrolled immigration of low paid workers, high taxes, the paying of stupid people to have dozens of children and always pandering to the lowest common denominator.

Although I suppose it could be socialist attitudes that allow 34 people to spoil it for the rest of us.

MAJ0R3566d ago

naw man conservative is less government, liberal is more (more controlling the way you live, eat, buy etc.)

any person who is for something like this isn't conservative

Eamon3565d ago

WTF are you talking about?

Bloody hell. MAJ0R you have literally no clue about politics.

KingPin3566d ago

"....a total of 34 complaints came in from viewers who deemed it sexist, violent and potentially harmful to kids."

how much do you wanna bet that these 34 viewers kids will be playing this game and these 34 parents will come out knocking the gaming industry for adult games/adult material in games.

wallis3566d ago

Thirty four people need to get a sense of perspective.