PC Store won't kill off UMD, says Sony

The newly-launched PlayStation Store for PC does not spell the end of the road for Sony's Universal Media Disc format, according to Darren Cairns, head of online marketing for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

He told "The UMD business is still good for us and our publishers. It's still a burgeoning market, and we're still selling a large number of PSPs on a weekly basis, so there are a large number of new people coming into the market."

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Rock Bottom3988d ago

I thought UMD is already dead.

Shadow Flare3988d ago

PSP games are played using magic

Skerj3988d ago

LMAO Shadow Flare, that's the comment of the day. Bubbles for you sir. UMD videos are what you were thinking of Kefka, and a few still come out but not as much as there used to be. I saw that coming anyway, no one wants to buy a UMD movie at 20 bucks when you can get the DVD for
cheaper, rip it and transfer it over to your PSP.

If the original PSP had TV out like the slim or they had UMD/DVD combos for around 20 or so bucks then it would have probably taken off a lot more and still be prevalent today. But their old strategy was severely flawed and I'm surprised people couldn't see past the temporary dollar signs to realize it.

Ravenator5293988d ago

I would much rather go out and buy a 4GB card for my PSP and download my games at a cheaper price rather than carrying around a bunch of game disks.

I love digital downloads. It's cheaper, faster (very little load times for digital media), and easy to obtain.

Opening the Playstation store to the PSP via PC is a great move. People like myself who own a PSP and not a PS3 were getting screwed.

I don't homebrew on my PSP so I have no way of playing old PSone games on my PSP without purchasing them through the Playstation Store.

But Syphon Filter 1 for $7 is awesome!!

Rock Bottom3988d ago

I was talking about UMD movies, I should have been more specific, my bad.

This reminds me, I have to get "Joan of Ark" and "Castlevania:DC", damn those stupid tests.

Lex Luthor3988d ago

Another failed format from sony.

MaximusPrime_3988d ago

UMD is not dead. I see more and more PSP games in store. People are buying it.

go and play your crap console

Darkiewonder3988d ago

Because running off memory stick > UMD.

which would be faster to run games anyways?

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