Alice Madness Returns Costume Contest

PushStartSelect: "Alice Madness Returns seems to be the most overlooked title released so far this year to me. I loved the game, I also loved the first title, but not many people have given a go just yet. With Halloween here, it might be a good time to give the game a shot with its dark themes and overall nature. However they team behind the title, Spicy Horse, are doing something special for Halloween as well!"

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clank5433565d ago

I really enjoyed this game. It might have some rough edges, but it's definitely worth a playthrough for platforming fans. Definitely my most underrated game so far this year.

majdees3565d ago

yup reviews were very harsh on this game. I'll add my voice to yours in that it is extremely underrated.

LoaMcLoa3565d ago

". Due to shipping costs and quirky international laws, the contest is only open to US and Canada residents only. (Stay tuned for other countries’ listings.)"


r213565d ago

game was fun! even if it was on unreal engine :C
good luck to anyone participating :D