Battlefield 3 Shotgun Guide

A complete guide for all the shotguns in Battlefield 3.

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caseh3565d ago

All you need to know is the DAO 12 is LETHAL even at range.

Rearden3565d ago

Especially with the optional flechette ammo

BlackPrince 423565d ago

Tsk, tsk.

The SPAS-12 is semi-auto, not pump action, there is a pump, but it's redundant unless you're loading a particular round.

The SAS-12, which is a model used by civillians and police, is the pump-action version.

Why is it the non-gun porn games, Uncharted and Black Ops, got this right when the actual gun porn games, MW2 and BF3, got this wrong?

one2thr3565d ago

Because they're set in the "Future"....... About 2013, 2014+....... But not a far enough future where there redundant