Sony Gets It Right with Subway Promotion

Gamertag Radio writes: "So I took my lunch break at Subway the other day. I saw all these posters for Uncharted 3 all over the store. I was kind of confused, initially; was it a joke? Turns out, it wasn't. See, Sony actually partnered with Subway to promote its next big PlayStation 3-exclusive title, Uncharted 3. What does this mean to consumers of Subway or fans of Uncharted?"

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LOGICWINS3185d ago ShowReplies(5)
ElementX3185d ago

Subway? Give me Jimmy John's!

V0LT3185d ago

Eww to both. Make your own sub @ home.

ElementX3185d ago

Well when that isn't an option, I prefer Jimmy Johns over Subway

Fel083185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

I think I went to Subway 6 times just this month, just to get the cup with the code on it. And I see the commercial at least 3 times a day. So the ad is definitely working for me. Thanks SONY.

kamakaz3md3185d ago

see, this is bs...why does this kind of article get approved but mine doesnt. No crap sony partnered with subway, its been 19 days since it started and all your doing is re - writing news.

latinalover3185d ago

You get skinnier and a free game

jeeves863185d ago

False. Subway does not make you skinny.

iceman063185d ago

Guess you haven't had the 6 inch Chipotle and Tapeworm special!?!? What about the $5 footlong with lukewarm chicken and e.coli!?!?