Comic Con NY 2011 After Pics

Gameblurb: This year’s Comic Con was a blast! With half our staff visiting the Jacob Javitz Center at full force, we were exhausted but had tons of fun!Check out the gallery below to see what we saw. This gallery will keep updating as our other staff members upload their pictures as well.

We’ll be rolling out our impressions and previews later this week so keep coming back for more!

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Gordo7893572d ago

looks like it was a blast!~

UltimateIdiot9113572d ago

It was great except for it being super crowded and poor cellphone receptions in there making it extremely hard to find others.

DankJemo3572d ago

Imagine serving so much data coverage in such a small area? I tried to get the floor map on my Droid and after 35 minutes I just gave up with it half loaded.

MicrocutsX23572d ago

Damn that dude with his sH&*t eating grin on that scantily clad asian chick...jealous.