New Blacksite Area 51 Screenshots

All new screenshots for Midway's new title Blacksite Area 51.

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Fototherapist3985d ago

It doesn't matter how many screen shots Midway puts out there. It won't take away from the fact that Blacksite is a mediocre game with nothing innovative.

okcomputer3985d ago

yea, this game just screams mediocrity. It doesn't look like it will totally suck, but it seems so generic it may as well be called "no frills sci-fi fps".

lynx1halo3985d ago

I started off excited about this game a few months ago...then came the news of no online...was not impressed by the demo...and OK looking graphics.....• Blacksite: Area 51 let me introduce you to the RUG...SO WE CAN SWEEP YOU UNDER IT!!!!!!!!!