Format war heats up: Amazon Customers Vote shows consumer preference?

Tech.Blorge reports that the war of HD-DVD vs Blu-ray is heating up and will be a major battleground this holiday season, and both sides are firing fresh salvos:

• Wal-Mart will be having a "secret sale" on Saturday: the 80GB PS3 will be $499 with 10 free Blu-ray movies instantly - plus another 5 free movies from mail-in rebates.

• Over at Amazon's second annual "Customers Vote" sale, registered customers are voting for products they will be qualified to buy at discounted prices. In the hi-def round of voting between a Samsung Blu-ray player and a Toshiba HD-DVD player for $149 (and a HD TiVo for $89,) the HD DVD player is currently winning with about 44% of the vote. The TiVo is at about 32% and the Blu-ray player at about 24%. (See the attached image.) Does this say something about what consumers prefer?

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Close_Second3988d ago

...are backing one format or the other I don't care what consumers are expressing. To jump into any technology before its a safe bet is just plain foolish. Leading edge yes....bleeding edge no.

There is no f**king way I would buy two types of players to ensure I could watch all movies released in an HD format.

Real Gambler3988d ago

Simply because people who are voting do not know anything about the war going on. What's interesting in this case is the fact that the choosen hd-dvd player (which are normally less expensive than Bluray most of the time) is the most expensive item you have to vote for. Since people do not know anything about the war, they simply vote for the most expensive item. Even better, people who have heard a little bit about the HD war may just remember that the player for the best format is normally the most expensive, so, again, they simply pick the most expensive player...

Does that vote means anything since Amazon has picked a more expensive hd-dvd player than the Bluray player? Not much isn't it?

Now, how many time this vote will come back to haunt us in the next few weeks will likely be mesmerizing, even if it was a screwed survey right at the beginning... I'm sure will hear this over, and over, and over.

Cryos3988d ago

Probably has more to do with uniformed people seeing "DVD" in the HD-DVD

Been to Best Buy and have actually heard people say, "My DVD player should play hd-dvd, i just bought it a month ago." And they buy it and bring it back because they don't realize the difference in the formats, they just see the name (which is actually something the HD camp was banking on, name familiarity)

hitthegspot3988d ago

I see your logic, but you are not correct and let me point out why. Amazon's first deal buster is for a PS3, XBOX 360 and a Wii. The Wii which as you know is the cheapest is winning that battle.

athlon7703988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

like Real Gambler suggested, people are looking at the original price and see the HD-DVD is more expensive than the BD so most people will think it is the better choice since it costs more (I can get the better deal type of syndrom). I guess it is up to us BD supporters to go to Amazon and vote for the BD player...its not a commitment to purchase, just a vote on which one you prefer!

gspot, people are voting for the Wii because it is hard to find, and they know they can not get one at their local store, the same is not true for the next HDM player.

Rejoice in all that is Blue...Red means stop, danger, warning, do not buy!

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Silvia0073988d ago

a ps3 and was smart enough to pickup a HD-DVD player when it was $99 bucks. This war really means squat. I have both formats, if I want to watch transformers, boom, I have the ability to, if I want to watch Spiderman 3, same deal, I have it right in front of me. Just like owning a 360 and PS3, if I want to play Halo 3, boom, it's there, if I want to play anything PS3 exclusive, it's there. So what if I lose money in going with both formats, it's not like I have to take a second mortgage. I know people lose more money being stupid then anything else, in this case, I don't have to wait for the stupid format war to pass before enjoying high def material.

predator3988d ago

same boat as me mate, im gettin a ps3 after crimbo and the new £199 pound hd dvd player that has just hit the uk, has had some real good reviews, so soon i can watch both.

dragonJP3988d ago

Silvia, you have got it together! Why blindly choose a side when both have a lot to offer. Hey, I do ALL of my game shopping on a tight budget, and I still found a way to go Hi Def. I got the 360 HD DVD add-on for half price, and now I just got the 40GB PS3 for under $300 on layaway. I'll be playing b3yond in January... this format war isn't going to end anytime soon, and with the prices constantly coming down as a result (Transformers HD DVD for $19.99, anyone?), why sit out? I prefer HD DVD, but I've been longing for Casino Royale, Fantastic Four, and now Live Free and Die Hard in Hi Def. C'mon, you blow ten times more money partying on the weekend....

Skerj3988d ago

I have a PS3 so voting for the BR player was out of the question, I opted for the HD Tivo.

eLiNeS3988d ago

People with 2 or more TVs but say only have one PS3 usually would want a 2nd Blu-Ray player for the other TV in there house, so there goes that theory.

The majority of people have decided, HD-DVD is winning the format WAR!

Pack it up Fony, your Trojan Horse failed!

Skerj3988d ago

Actually I have two DLPs one 50" and one 58" 1080p. I don't find myself needing to watch BR movies in the bedroom as much as I do in the living room hence me not needing a 2nd BR player. And the only thing on HDDVD that I want to see that's exclusive to it is Transformers, and I already own the DVD and will wait for the BR version to EVENTUALLY come out. SO my vote for the HD Tivo is justified.

eLiNeS3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

you have no wife, girl friend or other family member that would like to watch a HD movie on the other TV. What a waist of a TV.

Maybe you don't game much since there isn't much to play on the PofS3 anyway, LOL!!!

Skerj3988d ago

You're hell bent on starting a flame war aren't you? GF yes, but she plays too and couldn't care less about watching a movie in TRUE OMFG BLINDING EYE HD as she does about just watching a damn movie. Got over 100 Kung Fu flicks alone, you think those are in HD? Hells no, a good chunk of them are like VHS quality put to DVD but Evil Cult is Evil Cult (best Jet Li movie EVER!!).

And we have more than one gaming system, I'm pretty sure you're aware that people were gaming before the 360 came out and will be way after it's gone. And surely the concept of MOVING ONE SYSTEM TO ANOTHER ROOM isn't foreign to you, jeez you kids.

actas1233988d ago

I agree. I have a PS3 so I actually voted for HD-DVD. "Just in case I win and HD-DVD winning the format war, and the two probabilities are pretty close".

wallace10003988d ago

I don't have an HD-DVD player or Blu-Ray player yet, but when i decide which one to get my girl friend sure as hell won't care. On many occasions she votes to watch shows or movies on the 24 inch tube compared to the 32 inch LCD with up-converter. Most people aren't tech monsters and don't care if something is HD or not.

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JokesOnYou3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

I've only seen a few votes/polls over the last few months and they all point to consumers favoring the hd dvd brand or bluray, which is probably why even though ps3 gives bluray a advantage in the amount of HD players owned/in households which of course is why it sells more movies, but still not the margin it should considering how many players are in homes(ps3's) so far its still not been able to capture the market, maybe thats simply because public opinion favors HD DVD, also other hard *evidence of HD DVD standalone players being signaficantly outselling bluray standalone players seems to suggest early adopters favor/prefer HD DVD, yes ps3 does give bluray a advantage but make no mistake, the only question is will the mainstream mass market consumers favor hd dvd also as this vote suggest?, or will it be bluray? when will sales for either format really take off? this vote isn't by any means scientific so it could be that the small group of consumers who participated in this vote isn't a true representation of which format the masses want, OBVIOUSLY whenever and whichever the mainstream decide to buy will be the successor to DVD, when will that be? I have know idea, and whichever it is the greedy movie studios will simply go with wherever the money is(which is whatever the consumers prefer)= smart business actually.


mikeslemonade3988d ago

Now should we open up a story on how PS3 has more preferred than 360? This is obviously not the masses voting in this poll here and Amazon is notoriously known to have more hd-dvd shoppers anyway. This still doesn't change the fact that blu-rays lead is gaining every month. Blu-ray has a better chance of winning the format war than the Patriots have winning the superbowl.

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