Call of Duty ELITE Beta Shut Down in Preparation for Official Launch

The Call of Duty ELITE social network beta will be shut down today at 8 PM, UK time. This is in preparation for the network’s official launch along with Modern Warfare 3, on November 8th.

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solidworm3565d ago

are people still buying this nickel and dime bullshit?

Jobesy3565d ago

Elite is free moron...

mjsmufc993565d ago

some bits are free but you have to pay 34.99 for the premium stuff!

RyuCloudStrife3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

its my fucking money

Apocwhen3565d ago

Where've you been this gen?

Nearly every damn game is running a nickel and dime scheme these days with all the DLC they pump out.

GraveLord3565d ago

I got the hardened edition off Amazon for only $80.(used my $20 credit)
This means I payed $20 for all MW3 DLC.(That's 4 map packs which would have ended up costing me $60)