The Ultimate Battlefield 3 Simulator Coming Soon!

Battlefield 3 is one the most highly anticipated games, alongside their rivals Call of duty both releasing near each other. However the UK programme The Gadget Show will gain exclusive access to play on a hand-built simulator! Just to show you how good it is, we’ve got a video from The Gadget Show for you guys to watch.

Jason Bradbury & Suzi Perry got a team experts to put together some of the most highest technology out there to build a one off creation for Battlefield 3. It total, it cost them £500,000! ( $650,000 ).

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OMGBBQ2153566d ago

My PC>The Ultimate Battlefield 3 Simulator

DonMingos3566d ago

My PS3>Your PC>The Ultimate Battlefield 3 Simulator

Just try this:

Muffins12233565d ago

The real thing that gets my attention is the painball guns :D