Forza 4: Turn 10 admits accounts banned "in error"

Forza Motorsport 4 developer Turn 10 admits that some Xbox 360 accounts were banned “in error”, after users complained of being unfairly locked out of the game due to alleged piracy.

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limewax3181d ago

So basically if you got banned you can't get it lifted because you are now a cheater instead?

LegendarySins3181d ago

No it means innocent people were wrongly accused of cheating and therefore were banned. It is those innocent people that are being reinstated.

limewax3181d ago

Ok, thanks for the explanation. I'm not really sure why but the wording had me a bit confused about their aim

LegendarySins3181d ago

This is absolutely unacceptable, if this happened to me I would be expecting compensation.

Gazondaily3181d ago ShowReplies(1)
Gazondaily3181d ago

I'm alluding to the over-bearing litigation-centric compensation culture that exists in the United States.

theonlylolking3179d ago

If you paid for gold and were wrongly banned then you should get money back for the time you could not get on.

radphil3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

You know, it's really annoying how when there's a legit issue like this getting fixed, people that commented before hand in other articles like this one:

are trying to deny issues in any way possible like kaveti6616 for example. -_-

Godmars2903181d ago

Really don't get why people are defending MS for this. To a degree this is worse than a hacked account because of the lost, paid, subscription time. That's money MS keeps.

GraveLord3181d ago Show