Here’s What Battlefield 3 Looks Like On the Xbox 360

Throughout its public relations cycle, DICE's Battlefield 3 was shown only on PC and, later, PlayStation 3. The Xbox 360 version was kept under the stairs, beaten weekly and fed fish heads and stale water.

That led many to assume it was a hideous thing, but if these screenshots from the Korean version of the game are legit, it looks OK.

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Convas2558d ago

Wow, it actually looks really good. Not as good as the PC version, but good nonetheless.

And considering this is 5+ year old hardware DICE is working with, this is extremely impressive.

Can't wait for my copy to arrive!

Septic2558d ago

Yeah that's not bad for consoles at all (even though I'm getting this on PC).

Its a testament, not only to the power of these consoles but also to the strength of Frostbite 2.0 and its impressive scaling.

deadpoole2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

Im gonna be very honest ... I didnt think it'll look this good, but its lookin amazin ... Im like freakin surprized .... :D

Not sure if X360 is using high rez tex pack.

DICE = You did it ... :)

This source website has tons more screenshots.

WetN00dle692558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

Yes the 360 version has the Hi res texture pack on the second disk. It looks freaking amazing!

itsallgud2558d ago

Wow the 360 version looks incredible. BF3, RAGE, Gears 3, Forza 4, and a new Halo coming this is awesome.

Heartnet2558d ago

Looks ite :S Nothing special though lol on same level as Crysis 2 atleast but nothing more than that :(

Id say Gears 3 looks a lil better imo.. maybe its just the artstyle but

da_2pacalypse2558d ago

great to see the final product looking really good :)


Thats DICE - 1 / Carmack - 0

This is more impressive to me than RAGE was, and I bet the textures wont take 30 seconds to load in on this either...

ABizzel12558d ago

Like I said the single player was going to look a lot better than the multiplayer, so it's nice to see EA and Dice have shut all the complainers up.

Bull5hifT2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

Thats pretty $#!%%¥ man , your like his,£~€|<!# Idol , he wants to be just like you Man, He Likes you more than i Do

playboi282558d ago

So...I don't quite get the Stan reference...

Sexual_Hrrsmnt_Panda2558d ago

These graphics make me a sad panda...

AngryTypingGuy2557d ago

Remember the people who were saying the 360 was maxed out back in 2006 and 2007? Yeah, they are stupid. :-)

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Thrillhouse2558d ago

Agreed, it doesn't look as bad as people said.

Also, the fact that Battlefield 2 was released the same year as the 360 blows my mind.

SilentNegotiator2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

"Agreed, it doesn't look as bad as people said"

It never does when you compress the screenshots to death. Keep in mind that the console version is sub-HD (though to be fair, only by a few horizontal lines) and doesn't use an anti-aliasing technique.

I TOLD everyone that Crysis 2 didn't have anti-aliasing and no one believed me until the game released or when they read a LOT article or whatever. They were too invested in those Youtube videos that were probably compressed to 100KB, lol.
Look at some of those roof tops. They only divide at one or two points from aliasing. These screenshots were taken at absolutely OPTIMAL angles to look good. These aren't just casual shots from a fan.

Just be warned that it won't look this good when actually playing the game. The jump from beta to final is never as big as people hype it to be, so don't let yourself expect much more than what you see in the beta.

playaplayer2558d ago


Crysis 2 did use AA it was temporal AA. If you don't believe me check Digital Foundry.

SilentNegotiator2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

I really don't count Temporal AA. Temporal AA is for motion blur. I mean general AA that actually continuously smooths edges, not something that aids a "Super speedz!" effect.

xxLuckyStrike2558d ago

Pretty damn impressive for a 6 year old console.. Xbox is most def ahead of it's time!! And 360 still has some juice left in the tank!!! Troll or not u have to admit the ol girl is gettin it done

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Organization XII2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

It's obvious Koreans are 360 fanboys :D Just kidding it looks mighty good for ancient hardware!

Console owners, I haven't seen BC2 on PS3/360, does this look better?

FragMnTagM2558d ago

Yes this looks about 5-10x better.

3GenGames2558d ago

No it doesn't, but it doesn't look bad at all either, I'd say this is a tad better. The screenshot that looks great though is the wall one at night.



Your delusional if you do not think this looks better than BC2, and these are even poor quality screenshots.

3GenGames2558d ago

I said that number because it's not 2x better than BFBC2. But it's not bad either at all, it's improved but not 2x+.

IcarusOne2557d ago

I would say it looks exactly 1.79865524379x better than BC2 and anyone who says otherwise is clearly either a tool or a fanboy or both.

/s- making a point

marison2557d ago

It's 1.798655243775x better. Check your calculations.

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likedamaster2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

Looks way better than any COD. However, COD's still running @60 frames. Both are impressive in their own way.

DanSolo2557d ago

Looks good.... it just goes to show people worrying and complaining over only half the facts is just pretty stupid really!

I'm getting it for PS3, but if I had a 360 I'd be buying it day one just the same and certainly wouldnt be wasting my time pixel counting as I'd be too busy enjoying the game!

Hayabusa 1172557d ago

No one seems to get it: It's the CAMPAIGN. All the footage I've seen of the campaign on the 360 looks amazing: and all the multiplayer footage looks crap.

It's a classic case of the network not being able to handle the detail. I'd imagine it's the same on the PS3: campaign will look awesome, multiplayer will look crap (PS3 multiplayer beta looked crap, just like the 360).

I don't know about PC, but at I guess I'd say the multiplayer will look good but the campaign is still going to look better.

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no_more_trolling2558d ago

i came across this and decided to share it
i dont usually post news, but i had my doubts about how it would look

but im surprised :D

Optical_Matrix2558d ago

And people said it looks terrible based on the Beta...oh dear. I continue to facepalm at those people. Those screenshots prove that BF3 will be one of the best looking FPS on consoles. End of story. This is gonna be putting my PS3 to work come next weekend. I better finish Dark Souls and then Arkham City when I get that tomorrow.

no_more_trolling2558d ago

i keep telling the idiots that beta =/= final code

what a bunch of noobs :D

kaveti66162558d ago

The beta is for MP, which does look considerably worse.

Heartnet2558d ago

Code doesnt = graphics im fraid :(

The artists do all of taht :( so it being in alpha code or what not during beta wudnt have mattered :(

and ur calling other people noobs :L

limewax2558d ago

troll elsewhere kaveti666, this is MP footage

icompelgamers2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

@no_more_trolling...Betas usually imply that base code is complete. It was certainly the case with Gears of War 3. So lighten up will you.

damnyouretall2558d ago

youre tellin me that frostbite 2.0 looks worst than frostbite 1.0 in bc2. that would be retarded. i read the beta was submited to live and psn a few months before it went live. i hope thats true cause i will be a lil disapointed with the final product

kaveti66162558d ago

Idiot. All of those screenshots in the Kotaku article are from the single player campaign.

Legion2557d ago

"Code doesnt = graphics im fraid :("

You are delusional. Though the artist builds the concept of the image it all comes about by the code. It is everything and nothing without it. Code DOES equal graphics. The Frostbite 2.0 engine is what allows the graphics to shine.

And yes the frostbite 2.0 engine was used for the beta and so sorry Optical Matrix but your assumptions are incorrect that it will look like this in the multiplayer portion of the game. And yes CODE does matter with how the multiplayer is able to look also. Tweeks have to be turned down and sometimes off to support multiplayer on the internet. Something we need to see less of when it comes to next generation.

Hayabusa 1172557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )


"Code doesnt = graphics im fraid :(

The artists do all of taht :( so it being in alpha code or what not during beta wudnt have mattered :(

and ur calling other people noobs :L "


I think what you mean is code doesn't = art. Computer "graphics" is generated from code :p

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Fishy Fingers2558d ago

Certainly improved over the beta, not that was ever in doubt, it looked terrible.

FragMnTagM2558d ago

The core game and graphics looked fine, there were a few bugs, not as big a deal as you are making it. The textures are going to be higher res in the final release.

I played the game on all 3 platforms and it was stunning. The PC was noticeably better, but that does not mean that this is not one of the best looking games on consoles.

kikizoo2558d ago

stop saying "on console", 360 and ps3 don't deliver same kind of graphisms on best games.

JellyJelly2558d ago

I think people misinterpreted Fishys comment.

The 360/PS3 beta looked quite terrible with placeholder textures and tons of glitches. This looks miles better, as all the in-game trailers showed and as most of us was expecting it to.

Legion2557d ago

I disagree that the beta looked terrible. I thought it was pretty good. Yes the glitches took away some and it is possible that they can tweek a few things after beta testing, but not much really is going to be done with the multiplayer graphics.

These shots are campaign shots from what I can see.

A-Glorious-Dawn2557d ago


I think the beta (on PS3) looked notably worse than BC2 definitely.

I wasn't sniping pixels on BC2.

But Caspian boarder on pc was amazing, I couldn't find the edges of that map. I kept dying because I was exploring..... If they can capture that essence I'll be getting it for ps3 as well...

josephayal2558d ago

Looks Amazing but MW3 looks way way better

Heartnet2558d ago

Gotta agree with you there mate :)

vyke32558d ago

Did you hit your head with a coconut?

Arnon2558d ago

From the looks of it, not a lot of people agree.


"Looks Amazing but MW3 looks way way better"

Yum, looks like we got ourselves some fresh meat boys...

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