ZTGD | Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster Review

Michael Futter writes: When the dust settled after Microsoft’s Kinect-heavy E3 presentation, one game emerged as the clear frontrunner for demographic and design fit with the Kinect hardware. No, it wasn’t the Fable title and unfortunately, it wasn’t Kinect Star Wars.

The clear winner wasn’t even for the core market, but a studio overflowing with gamer street cred designed it. Double Fine’s Once Upon a Monster is a triumph of writing, presentation and design and, when it comes to the Kinect, you can do no better for the younger members of your household.

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3180d ago
caseh3180d ago


Holy sh*t, GOTY!

PaladinXII3180d ago

I don't think it's GOTY material, no. But rated against its competition and considering its target audience, there is NOTHING better out there.

Once Upon a Monster is a charming, wonderful, engaging and FUN game for the target audience. Will it compete against Batman, MW3, Gears, Uncharted, Dark Souls, etc for GOTY? Not a chance.

DiRtY3180d ago

Finally a review that accepts this game for what it is. a game for kids.

PaladinXII3180d ago

Thanks! You might notice that we gave it our first "Dad Approved" award.

DMLFury3179d ago

Why would someone disagree on that comment? Show yourself!

PaladinXII3178d ago

Hey remember that .13 guy? I bet he disagrees with us giving it an award.