Hideo Kojima provides small updates on Metal Gear Solid: Rising and Ogre Project

Hideo Kojima recently provided a few small updates regarding the upcoming multiplatform game, Metal Gear Solid: Rising, as well as his mysterious “Ogre Project.”

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user8586213182d ago

Platinum games is taking over the project?? :P

SamPao3182d ago

would definately make a great game :)

(not that it wont be a great game!! just sayin)

Pedantic913182d ago

But no matter how long it may take, i still trust Kojima in delivering us a great gaming experience as always.

Kahvipannu3182d ago

"Metal Gear Solid: Rising for the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360"

I wasn't aware Rising was coming to PC too, good to know.

brettyd3182d ago

Holy crap that site has a lot of adds. Looking forward to hearing more about both these titles.

Alos883182d ago

"Ogre project." Went over the advanced setting, and strange things were found out. Kept them in, maybe players will think it's an easter egg or something.