PCs always better than consoles, says Crytek art director talks to Michael Khaimzon, the art director at Crytek, responsible for the team that produced the amazing visuals in Crysis. He talks about what he learned during the game-making process, and why there's so much talent in Eastern Europe. What's your view on the next-gen platforms now they're starting to settle down?

Michael Khaimzon: Well, that's very hard for me to answer, because I've never developed anything for a next-gen platform, and I don't spend that much time playing them. My opinion on them in comparison to the PC is that I think the PC is always better.

Because the PC you can do so many things with, and the console is just there for the gaming.

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mighty_douche3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

couldnt agree more.

consoles are basically nothing more than a 'toy' version of a pc. i know people moan about driver updates and problems with pc's but generally thats all down to the user. personally i enjoy all that stuff, makes me feel more in control.

obviously though, value for money, console wins everytime if you want it purely for games, but then you need a HDTV to take full advantage so....

Gamespot-equals-EGM3988d ago

PC gaming is a mess.

You can have 1 game, play it on two different computers and have two totally different experiences. WTF is up with that?

PC gaming is dead, it has been dead for several years now and it will never come back to life (unless you count playing solitair and Yahoo Pool as 'PC gaming').

ulath6663988d ago

... So that must be why the PC is the largest gaming plattform?
Look it up, the PC sells more games than ANY other plattform. Here in Sweden it sells more than ALL OTHER plattforms combined.
All consoles have their sales put together the put up against PC sales since they are so much more massive than any other plattform.

BrianC62343988d ago

PCs are better. Bwahaha. Sure, if you want to spend $3000 or more the PC is better than the PS3. Nothing under that will compete with a PS3 game if the developer knows what they're doing.

Silvia0073988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

Even though my PC is a butt load more in cost wise, both my xbox360 and PS3 can't touch it. I still love my 360 and PS3 though. My Wii... that's another story.


I disagree, is there a processor out there that even comes close to the cell? Graphics aside what you seem to be forgetting is that the Cell processor is the most advanced out there at the moment. Calculation wise it cant be touched.

mighty_douche3988d ago

while yes, on paper the CELL's potential is indeed huge, in reality its not being used to its 'potentail'.

please dont believe everything you read on the internet from PR spokesmen, the most powerful CPU available is the new QX9850 (i think its called).

potentail and reality are different things, on paper ATI's new card was ment to kill the Nvidia offerings but we all know how that turned out.

lol IMO comparing a console to a PC shows you have absolutely no understanding of either consoles or PC's.

Prismo_Fillusion3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

This is exactly why things like the Playstation Eye and Wii Motion Sensing are so important to console gaming. They create gameplay that can't be made on a PC system. The third part of console gaming that is yet to be implemented on a PC is split-screen multiplayer. Or even one screen for a few games. Party games will never work on a PC (You Don't Know Jack was kind of fun though). Besides that, any console game could be ported onto a PC without losing a step. Of course, how many people can afford the god-computer that can play Crysis with maxed out performance? I know I can't.

mighty_douche3988d ago

ps eye and wii-mote etc do set console gaming apart from the pc, all these things could easily be done on a pc, theres just no demand for them.
but your right, generally the pc is a single player afair (online obviously but i mean you dont sit round a monitor with friends), and is also far more expensive, but with gains, improved graphics/support/mods/updates/ players (32 player CoD4 anyone).

Gantrfaxx3988d ago

"Because the PC you can do so many things with, and the console is just there for the gaming."

I don't get it. We are talking about games here aren't we? And he produces games. So who cares what Pc can do. It's true that pc can do more but regarding the games Pc has no significant advantages over consoles. Infact when takling about games i think than i can enjoy on consoles even more. They are made for gaming.

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