Sony's Stringer talks a Blu-ray streak - Hollywood Reporter Interview

Sonyy CEO Howard Stringer affirmed the company's support for and belief in Blu-ray Disc, saying in an exclusive e-mail interview Monday that the Sony-developed next-generation disc format has "the momentum and the scale" to ultimately triumph over rival HD DVD.

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Karebear4075d ago

Disney announces it backs Mickey Mouse over Mighty Mouse,
Florida decides after deliberation to back Oranges,
Detroit leaks preference for American built cars,
and Apple, in a shocking development, holds a press release that it thinks the Ipod is better than the Zune.

cuco334075d ago

They say HD DVD is dead... countless times...

then they say they aren't in competition with HD DVD...

then they say HD DVD is dead some more...

then they say a dual format world is bound to happen...

now they say they will triumph once again...

and then?

no and then.

The BDA needs to learn to STFU, as in yesterday.

kreetah4075d ago

The good news is the Blu-Ray winning streak just keeps on going in outselling HD-DVD media week after week after week. Makes it easy to keep track, weeks where HD-DVD outsold Blu-Ray in 2007 = ZERO (0).

Snukadaman4075d ago

we only get graphs and ratios...I want too see numbers like vgchartz...some ball park figures.

kreetah4075d ago

NDP doesn't release hard numbers (I'll like to see them too) but only the ratio of sales. Last week was 65% Blu-Ray vs 35% HD-DVD and that just happens to be the yearly avarages (weekly milage does vary).

cuco334074d ago

Want to know why Nielson's doesn't easily give out hard numbers? Simple. Because people will see how small the market really is.

We have EU's hardware sales for stand alones since inception until August. Spain sold a little over 300 HD DVD stand alones, followed by BD stand alones which sold almost 200. In the US it is far greater but catalog software titles on either format have yielded less than 5000 copies sold across the nation.

Blu-ray is beating HD DVD in software sales, according to Nielson's data which, accounts for a little over 60% of the entire market which is from the get go, Blu-ray biased (i.e. Best Buy & Target received incentives to promote Blu-ray). It is ONLY a snapshot and nothing more but from that we get a pretty good estimation on how HDM does in majority of the big retail chains. Then we have this question on Walmart since they DON'T report and it's clear they are starting to play ball in the HDM game. They are THE biggest retail chain that sells SD DVDs so the more they play the HDM game, the less reputable the Nielson's data becomes.

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actas1234075d ago

Well Blue Ray is beating HD DVD due to the 6 million blue ray players vs the around .5 million players (not sure) for HD DVD. Blue ray continuous to show its success, however, Sony CEO, Howard is a real dumbass. He doesn't know how to talk.. He should just keep his mouth closed and not talk to the media. I really don't know how sony hired that jackass. Sony needs an innovator like Steve Job or Bill gates not an idiot. I mean Sony is doing well despite his many flaws and stupid comments here and there. I am serious this guy is on some kind of a drug. ....

Snukadaman4074d ago

and also the numbers are mostly collected in NA...not japan or those are mainly I said above there has only been ratios and percentages...give us hard numbers no matter how small.

CBaoth4074d ago

Thanks Actas123 for the joke of the day. Oh wait, you weren't really serious, were you? That's almost like an oxymoron.

deeznuts4074d ago

This "dumbass" as you say is doing a decent job of turning around Sony