PS Vita Pricing - Too Much or Just Right?

MMGN writes: Sony today revealed the pricing for its upcoming handheld, PS Vita. Were the prices expected, or is the powerful device too expensive?

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DaThreats3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

Wasnt the 3g version 400?
nvm lol

Pandamobile3566d ago

It's $300 in America for the 3G version.

$250 for Wi-fi which I still consider remarkably cheap for what it does.

Peppino73566d ago

Anyone know how much the games are going for?

MaxXAttaxX3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )


Marceles3566d ago

Just right, everyone keeps trying to compare it to the PS3's price to make it seem like it's unfair.

Sadly we're over those days where portables are priced at $150 at launch, and now portables can do more than just play games. I think it's at a perfect price.

JoeReno3566d ago

Well said +bubble vote

Optical_Matrix3566d ago

I think, if you look at it value wise, which is the means by which all consumer electronics should be judged, then at Pandamobile said, its extremely cheap for what it does. You'd expect something like that to retail for £350-400 in this day and age but Sony got the price right. Got mine on pre-order. Now it's a question of waiting until February 22nd.

caseh3566d ago

Since when is £230-£275 a good price for a handheld console? Thats without any games, so lets say over £300 off the bat. US equivilent would be $350-$450, the fact Pandamobile said its $300 just shows we are getting stuffed good and proper in the UK.

LightofDarkness3566d ago

Exactly, in the EU we're getting screwed again. €250 != $250, that's much closer to $350. And that's for the wi-fi version, if you want 3g you're paying $415! That's ridiculous. I hate constantly being screwed on price over here like that. The only ones who don't seem to dot his are MS and the Xbox 360, funnily enough. It's generally the same value in dollars as it is in euro.

news4geeks3566d ago

taxes + weak pound = higher price imports

jony_dols3566d ago

What about the weak dollar?

jetlian3566d ago

more due to the taxes and import taxes EU adds. Plus they have the full price shown unlike usa

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caseh3566d ago


'funnily enough. It's generally the same value in dollars as it is in euro.'

Yeah thats how I generally get an idea of the price in £ if its only been announced in the states.

lorianguy3566d ago

I hope they get the price right for the PS4 too. This was very well-valued.

Soplox3566d ago

No, I thought it was cheap

Hozi3566d ago

Nice and very reasonably priced. However, Would I complain if it cost less? Hell no!

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