Free Nissan GT-R GT500 Stealth Model in Gran Turismo 5

Get a free Stealth Model car in GT5 to celebrate the North American GT Academy finale.

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MintBerryCrunch3572d ago

just did it, worked, no problems at all

waltyftm3571d ago

I hope us Brits get a free stealth model, the car looks sweet.

RedDragan3571d ago

This was meant to be "exclusive", that is why some of us paid extra or ordered early.

This is kinda annoying. Because we were asking for NEW cars, not exclusive ones to be handed out free despite everyone knowing those cars were meant to be "exclusive".

norman293571d ago

I think i got this one with my pre-order (UK) along with the AMG and the AMG is by far miles better :D

Tito083569d ago

@ RedDragan- It's still exclusive, they're just giving it away for free because of the finale of the GT Academy, but it's for a limited time, it's good for those who got the game but didn't get that car, I don't see anything wrong with that!!!!!

fei-hung3571d ago

I better get another new nice car since I got all the stealth and chrome models with the signature edition (which set me back £135). makes me wish I didn't pay for it since this is the 2nd time they have given a limited edition car away.

Also it don't help that the car DLC is a pack of balls. Where are the new cars PD? I checked my pockets and I checked under my bed and I can't seem to find them anywhere.

Rhythmattic3571d ago

Check your car delivery... Mine turned up after a short while.

fei-hung3570d ago


Sorry i wasnt clear in what i said. What I meant by new cars is something other than Skylines.

I was hoping to get some more Lambo's like the Diablo GT and Reventon. Maybe some celebrity cars like K.I.T.T and ECTO1. Some American Muscle Cars, a Maybach and maybe some 2011 cars.

All we got was karts, more skylines, a PRIUS! and variations of cars we already have :s Although the R35 Skyline does look mega sweet with the multitone paintjob.

Tito083569d ago

Nissan is a good partner of PD, & PD were also involved in the development of the GTR, so I don't see anything wrong with that... True race drivers, even kids likes the Skylines a lot more than Lambos.... I got the Cobra, Murcielago, Mclaren, Nascar, Mercedes 300 SL, BMW M3, Audi R8 in the Collector's Edition, the Red Bull X10 with the 2.0 update, got a free kart, now I got that Stealth GTR, so no, it ain't all GTRs my friend!!!!!

I don't take lambos very seriously... I got a friend who was given a muscle car on his Birthday

TBM3571d ago

i just downloaded mine.

MGRogue20173571d ago

I'm in the UK, but I've used my US PSN account to download it. Don't know if it'll still work.. =/

waltyftm3571d ago

Pretty sure the Gt5 content is region locked, downloaded the 3 free stealth models of the Jap store and they never worked, something to do with needing the Jap disc.

Rhythmattic3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

I'm pretty sure all unlocks are related to the account... Just as DLC.

I'm guessing is you play GT5 on under your US account , it will be there...

Jamaicangmr3571d ago

Just spent the last 4+ hours with this baby online. Sweet car, thanks for the Free car PD. Now gimmi the rest of em,... Ummm Please....

Action GO FIGURE3571d ago

Only a matter of time before they give out the other Stealth Cars.

ZBlacktt3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Looks almost like the one I got with my Preordered Collector's Edition when the game came out. Only that one's the Nissan GT-R Spec V.

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