Dear Final Fantasy, What Happened to You Man? (Part 2)

This is the second half of Joe's commentary posted a few days ago regarding the current state of the Final Fantasy series and his relationship with the franchise.

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BrightFalls763572d ago

Final Fantasy VII is my favorite game of all time, hands down and I still felt this was even after downloading again through PSN last year. However, and I know I'm going to get strung up for this, I REALLY enjoyed FF XIII and am very excited for part 2.

I'm not a huge Final Fantasy fan, after part VII I just didn't enjoy the series as much but 13 was a lot of fun in my book. I understand the gripes with it, I really do but they weren't my gripes:)

Relientk773572d ago

Squaresoft became Square Enix

DragonKnight3572d ago

The problem with Final Fantasy is that it's owned by a company run by some people who think they can do no wrong. SE have admitted, with the FFXIV beta way back before it was launched on PC, that they didn't once listen to anything the fans said about the game. That's just an indicator of a much bigger issue. SE don't listen to anyone, period. They look at sales of Western games and think they somehow reflect a good quality game. Sales =/= Quality. They said they took influence from modern shooters like CoD for FFXIII... WHY?

In what world would you EVER want to take influence from an annually produced assembly line game like Call of Duty for any kind of Japanese Role Playing Game? Look, the simple fact is that FF fans know what they love about the series, it's why they bought games like FFVII in droves. But when you change up the formula so much, you're going to get reactions like those of FFX-2, FFXI when it was first announced as an MMORPG, FFX-2, and FFXIII. When a series is built around 14 years of stuff like Kingdoms, towns, people to interact with, mini-games, exploration, and depth; how can you expect people to respond so well when you change the combat to MMO like, or add auto-battle to make the game play itself, or remove the exploration factor or interactive NPC's?

SE, I'm being very serious when I say YOU NEED TO FIRE WADA AND START LISTENING TO THE FANS THAT BUILT YOU AND MADE YOU SUCCESSFUL! Because if you don't, well then you'll continue to bleed money as people stop buying your games because they can't expect any decent quality from anything but your cheaply and hurredly produced handheld titles.

SolDojo3571d ago

FF died a long time ago... after 10 things went pretty off course...

11 was an MMO... fun but not what old school FF fans had in mind...

12 was mediocre... would have been WAY better with Basch as the main char and Vaan... didnt exist at all... i liked the battle system a lot but many others rejected it...

13 was very very rough... fun sometimes... mostly not...very pretty tho... lightning is hawt

14 might as well not exist its so bad, played the beta and canceled my preorder that had been in for like a year after realizing i could only do about 4 or 5 quests a day...

13-2... *facepalm* are we really going there? lets just hope for the best here... again, lightning is hawt so thats the saving grace to me ...

versus 13... very nearly vaporware... but i guess its coming along more now and has seen some cool demoing here and there... hopefully it brings the series back?

type-0... im trying pretty hard not to care about this one, because i dont play long drawn out games on mobile devices, i play for 45 seconds to 5 minutes at the time while im waiting for the bus.