GamesRadar - Payday: The Heist Review

Matthew Keast writes "Remember the climactic bank heist in the immaculately-constructed crime-thriller Heat? Remember the tense, pumping music, the incredible crack of gunshots ringing out through downtown LA streets? Remember Robert De Niro and company gunning down like a hundred cops? Payday: The Heist superbly captures everything about that scene, providing a unique sense of urgency found in few other games. Sure, the game is clearly cobbled together from the brilliant ideas of other co-op games (well, mostly Left 4 Dead), but nowhere else will you find that endorphin-rush mixed with tense anxiety that your fantasies of bank robbery conjure up. There’s just something wonderfully anti-social about pressing a button and having your guy yell 'Get down on the ground and STAY down!' "

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P_Bomb3566d ago

Demo's out now, lets you play the bank heist on various difficulties, online or with bots. Pretty good chunk.

Blink_443566d ago

Cool thanks for the info.