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AusGamers has reviewed Batman: Arkham City and writes:

"In fact, it’s once you learn to use his Grapnel and gliding combination, the game-world design begins to truly shine, which sits snuggly alongside the emergent gameplay I just mentioned. You can stalk the streets, stoic and peremptory to inmates; taking them on at every turn, rescuing oppressed political prisoners or just leaving a message for all the other thugs of Arkham City, or you can take to the skies, like some ever-watching bird of prey, and move from point to point unhindered - as free as you like. Or you can combine the two, and decide mid flight you don’t like the sound of someone’s snarky anti-Batman remark, or hear the desperate cries of some victim you need to save, and thusly dive-bomb your way to them creating an impact zone and making an entrance like a boss. Boss Batman, as it were."

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